List of best universities in London

Which University in London should I choose?

It is actually a tough call to name the best universities in London. This is because of the fact that different universities located in this city come with their different areas of perfection.

So, you get many best universities in London specializing in particular areas and doing so well in those areas. But then, there are different rankings and university league tables being spread around.

But the main objects of measurement should be the fact that some of the best London universities keep appearing consistently on the list. Yes, those universities that perform well on a regular basis appear in the ratings each time the ratings are out and we can say that these are actually the best universities in London.

Another thing to consider here is that there are some other smaller specialist institutions that may not be as big as universities and they do not appear on these rankings.

However, at the absence of all these, there are some universities in London that have been counted amongst the world leading universities, and they keep making the list of the world leading universities all the time. Below is a be list of best universities in London. The list may be useful if you are planning studying in London.

Imperial College London

This stands out as the number one amongst the best universities in the UK.  In the same time, it doubles as one of the world’s best universities on a consistent level. This citadel of learning prides itself in doing so excellently in teaching and research in sciences. It also centres on medicine, technology and management courses. It is on our list of the best universities in London because it ranked the 2nd best university in the whole world in the 2014 QS World University Rankings. At the same time, it was also ranked by Times Higher Education World University Rankings as the 9th best in the world and the 13th according to the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. These awards confirm this university as actually the best, as it has students from more than 123 countries.

University College London

University College LondonWhen you get the type of description that this university enjoys from the Sunday times, you will definitely appear on this best Universities in London list. This is a university that the Sunday sun set out to describe without equivocation as "an intellectual powerhouse with a world-class reputation". 

When it comes to the general and world scene, this university stands on the top seed in all rankings. QS World University Rankings placed it as the 5th best university in the world in 2014. On the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it came 22nd and 25th on the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

This university has been nicknamed the global university of London because of the number of international students and staff it parades and it continues to set the pace in offering international and cosmopolitan environment to all students, and this gives them equal opportunities to thrive. If you are moving to London you can contact removal companies London to help you out with your relocation.

King's College London

Of course, anybody who knows the universities in London should have asked where Kings College is placed in this rankling, and I am placing it at the appropriate position on our list which is the third best university in London at the moment. This is one of the best in the world when it comes to research and teaching. In its research, this university have offered us great discoveries, and the good things is that most of the discoveries that come out from this university has gone ahead to help in making the world a better place. It was here that the concept of DNA, televisions, radio, radar and mobile phones were developed. It stands at the 16th position in QS World University Rankings, 40th in Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 43rd in Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. It has four campuses in London and trains more than 26,000 students. If you are from outside of the city you may want to have a look at our cheap accommodation options article which will help you to find a please to live.

London School of Economics & Political Science

London School of Economics & Political ScienceThis is actually the first specialist university to make the cut. This is because it has a very global reach with research and teaching in economics, socials sciences, politics, anthropology, law, sociology, finance and accounting.

It has consistently been on the top list of the best universities both local and abroad. In 2014, QS World University Rankings made it the 71st best, while Times Higher Education World University Rankings List named it the 34th and Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings placed it as the 24th best in the world.

This can actually contest as the most diverse and cosmopolitan university in the world because it has students from more than 150 countries in its campuses in London. It also has one of the best student life options.

London Business School

This is actually one of the best business schools in the whole world. Its best programs are the Master of business administrations, Finance and Management. One good thing about this school is its versatility. It is in the service of offering both masters and non-masters programs which is meant to prepare executives and students for various stages of their carrier. It should be on the top of your best Universities in London list. Now, this school is so specialized that it is difficult to rank it amongst those universities that offer all courses. However, it still managed to appear in the top 100 universities of 2014 according to the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. However, when it comes to Global MBA Ranking of 2014 by Financial Times, it is ranked as the 3rd and also stands at the 10th position in the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking of last year. If you have chosen this University our student removals will be happy to help you with your relocation.

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of LondonThis is another university that is ranked amongst the best in the city of London. This higher institution is one of the best research focused institutions in London. 

This is one of the colleges of the University of London and actually stands amongst the biggest. It has a population of more than 17, 800 students.

The fact that this university offers multiple disciplines is also amongst the reasons why it has many students from different countries trooping into it. It specializes in the humanities, law, social sciences, science, medicine, engineering and many others. 

The fact is that this university has been on the list of the top 10 universities in the UK, especially when it comes to the starting salaries. In the world scene, it also featured amongst the world’s top 100 by QS World University Rankings in 2014.

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