Top 10 unusual places to visit in London

Unusual Great, Top 10 best places to visit in London

London is one of the most visited cities because of many reasons. The number one reason for visiting London lies in the fact that this city is the capital of one nation that colonized many other nations.

Because of this, it holds different types of ties with many other countries across the globe. On the other hand, it is a city regarded as the educational hub of the world.

So, if people are not coming due to the diplomatic ties, then they are coming to get educated and go back to their countries.

There are also many emigrants moving to London for work, to get higher standard of life, night life and simply multicultural life style.

However, apart from these remote reasons why people visit London, there are some immediate reasons why you should visit this great city. There are many unusual and great places to visit in London for everyone. Below we have listed Top 10 best attractions and places everyone must see when visiting London.

Leisure and attractions

This city has been described as one with one of the highest number of attractions any city can parade. They are so numerous that even most of these attractions are offered for free. It is true that London has the highest number of free museums. You can have a view of the city from a tower or on an airplane, you can take some time out to meet one of your favourite celebrities or you can go for an examination of the many treasures of the city.


This is another reason to visit London. This city is one that is not meant for the elites alone, it was planned in such a way that all will have a place in the city.  The accommodation available in this city is scattered in a way that all budgets and tests are taken care of.  When you come to hotels, you will get both the costly luxury hotels and the cheap comfortable ones for low income earners. The same thing is applicable to housing. Cheap hotels make that you can spend more or visiting London or Dartford.

Always new

This is the part that marvels some people. The fact is that London is a very old ancient city. This will be explained by the age of the buildings and the monuments in the city. But this does not make the city obsolete. In fact, the greatest thing to visit in London you will enjoy is how the city is always reinvigorated and reinvented. Whenever you come to this place, you will notice that something new has been added. The city keeps building and innovating with time.


This is another area London comes first in the whole world. Have you heard about the exploits of the city in both the Olympic and Paralympics games? This is not all. Have you also heard about the tennis museum and the Wimbledon open that is held at the Wimbledon lawn from time to time? This is another very unusual place to visit in London that will stay in your memory for long years. 

Things to visit in LondonThere is also the Lord's Cricket Ground. However, amongst all these, what I consider the greatest of what you will enjoy here when it comes to sports is that you will get the chance to watch any of the 3 great London football clubs play live in the English premiership.

They include Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. If you are lucky to witness any of their London derbies, you will feel an excitement that will marvel you in the town. The Wembley stadium, which is the national stadium, is also touted as one of the biggest in the whole world, and is also located here. Football matches are among best 10 top things to see in London on many list of things to do and see.

Big Ben

Big Ben is most often visiting attraction in London. This is one heritage many people will set their eyes on. The Big Ben is the big bell that is located at the clock tower that is situated at the Houses of Parliament. This has grown to be one of the monuments many people want to see, and it is a heritage London will always like to preserve as it represents a lot.

Buckingham palace

The queen of England is seen as one of the oldest monarchs of all times, and she wields a great influence on the world politics and social life. Do you know that when you come to London, you will have the chance to make a visit to the abode of this queen? This is the place called the Buckingham palace, which is also located in London. You will have a whole decade to tell the story if you embark on this trip to the palace. There is no Briton that have not visited this amazing place.

Windsor castle

Yes, you can move a bit from the main city and get to the Windsor town. Here, you will marvel at the Windsor castle that houses the abode of the royal family of Windsor. This is one of the best places to visit that are not located in the Central London and you may need some more time to get there. When you plan to visit London you should take into account the travelling time. During the rush hour it may take you a few hours to get from one place to the other. So when making a list of top places to visit in London you should plan it logistically. First make a list of all place you want to visit. Make next to each place you put the postcode. Once your list of must see places in London is ready you can go online and enter all the postcode on Google Maps to see where the attractions are located. Plan your visit so that you see all the places making the shortest possible route.

Tower Bridge

The fact is that London is a city that is surrounded by rivers which are a great things to see. The Thames is one that runs through the centre of the city and therefore is crossed by many bridges. The sight of these will always marvel you. You can be visiting London to have a very good view of these bridges, as they are numerous.

River and waterways

Places to seeThere are many people coming from towns and cities without the presence of rivers and waters.

You will enjoy what you have been missing when you visit London.

The river Thames which is the main river spreads across many parts of the city and offers a lot in terms of tourism. You will enjoy the river bus system through the river tours.

There are also the canals. However, as much as this will offer you fun and great scenery, you can actually use this as your regular means of transport, so as to beat the traffic always.

There are many boat trips that offer visiting most famous places in London from the river.

West End Theatre

Without equivocation, London has got the theatre that is described as the best theatre scene in the whole world. The best of talents in the acting world converge here on many occasions from time to time to do their thing. Because of this, you will have the leverage not only to watch them perform on the theatre, but also to meet and interact with them. You can enjoy great musicals, new works, and even classic plays. There are also many other cultural places to visit in London.

Green spaces

When you are here, you will enjoy nature without moving away from the city. The city is designed with lots of green spaces surrounding it.  There are many rural parks, gardens, mountains, hills and many natural attractions that can keep your holidays close to nature.

If you are visiting London and you need somwhere to stay overnight for at least a week you may want to check houses to rent in London.


When it comes to shopping, you will get confused when you are here. There are lots and lots of shopping destinations in London offering the best of items in such a way that you will get confused on which to use.  Some shopping places you simply must visit and see. The Oxford Street, London markets, Harrods, Selfridges and Westfield Stratford will offer you all you ever desire in shopping. You will always want to come back, and you will never travel out of London without getting souvenirs for your people at home. The cloths that are designed in London are always hotcakes outside of the city. You will get these from these malls.

Great skyline

The skyline of the city continues to develop from time to time. Apart from the panoramic view that you will enjoy when visiting it from the heights, you will also get to enjoy the great skyline from along the river. The addition of shard buildings in recent times has also increased the greatness therein.

Therapy shopping

This is another one you will not miss out when you come here. There are great spa and massage centres, and you will enjoy all sorts of massage and therapy when you are here. Get ready to visit London and enjoy these.

Things to visit in London

Things to visit in London by busIf you are planning to visit London and you have at least a few days you should focus on particular areas. There are many cool places to visit in each are of London - East Central, West Central, South West, North West, East, North, North West, South East. if you have even more time there are many more attractions to visit in Greater London area.

If you are on a budget you check our list of top 10 best places to visit in London for free. Some places worth visiting in London England are cheap and some are quite expensive. If you want to see a lot in one day there is a chance you will have to spend as much as £100 just on visiting different attractions.

If you would like to find out what to visit in London we can email you our free tourist guide that covers most popular attractions, churches, free museums, best pubs, restaurants, cathedrals, oldest and tallest buildings and many many more.