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International removals London

International shipping London

Whether you have questions regarding our shipping services from London, features, international removals or quotes, we are here to help. A list of most frequently asked questions is compiled below. If you still have something to inquire, feel free to drop us a quick email. We are always happy to hear from you.

How far ahead do I contact International Removal Companies?

Moves can be stressful. Packing, shipping arrangements, storage and final delivery is a process which requires care, planning and time. We, at Shipping Companies London recommend that you start early. Contact us from eight to ten weeks prior to your tentative move. It allows you time to review competitive quotes, compare service features and choose your cheapest international mover.

We offer consultation via phone, email and even in-person home visits to devise a custom solution for your moving needs, working within your time-line and budget. Our trained technicians can explain the shipping process and provide professional assistance with collection, packing, and seamless delivery experience. There are no nasty surprises, and we don't demand any payment until we have agreed upon a solution to invest in.

How do I avail from a in-home survey or any other consultation? How much does it cost?

Call us at +44 (0) 20 3286 5357 or reach out to us by filling the contact form at Shipping Quote. We employ vastly experienced sales consultants who take stock of your tentative moving date, items to store and amount of movable items (with special moving needs for fragile or items which are sensitive to temperature or mechanical shock). We prescribe the practicality aspect of moving and transporting your items, goods you may or may not want to ship as well as hidden shipping costs associated with lifting, packaging, parking permits, delivery requirements etc. which are possible to overlook.

The entire process also involves an in person inspection of all inventory by our consultants. Based on their specialized knowledge, they advise you on delivery options at your new overseas location, associated costs and early shipping of essentials you may require.

We understand - an international removal can involve moving items of sentimental value as well. So we also offer alternatives of ‘Self-Assessment' options online. You will need to provide specific dimensions of goods to be shipped and a complete estimate of your shipping inventory, following which our sales consultants will handle the remaining process.

And yes, it is completely free of cost!

How do you estimate the overall cost of shipping? Are these fixed-amount quotes?

No, the quotes we provide are on case-by-case basis. Every move overseas has a specific list of variables, and our quotes vary accordingly.

Dimensions/Volume – the most important factor to estimate international removal costs from London to anywhere worldwide or Europe is the size of the item being shipped. Dimensions (length, depth and height) can help us estimate the shipment size, packing requirements and freight cargo charges for standard shipment sizes. Volume (L X D X H) divided by 1728 (cubic inches), or 35.3 (cubic meters) is our standard calculation.

Gross weight of items – The shipping consignment weights in kilos is another important factor. Volumetric kilos are estimated by dividing shipment volume by 6000. This is especially handy of mirrors, beds, chests, and similar heavy household items.

Finally, the costs also vary by the time of shipping. Generally, the essentials like bed-frame or wardrobe closet attachments need to reach sooner than other overseas removal shipments. So they need to be factored in with premium shipping costs.

The mode of transport - the price would also depend on the delivery method. Shipping from London by sea is always much more cheaper than air freight.

Our professional Shipping companies London are always at hand to accurately measure, estimate the volumetric gross weight and shipment volume and label shipments according to their transport requirements. The final invoice includes each of these details, so you pay for only what you use.

What does my international removal quote comprises of?

We prepare custom quotes for every client, depending on their moving needs and other factors affecting shipment process (as mentioned above). A typical quote includes:

Shipping inventory and quote
  • Delivery of moving cartons for owner packing of any specified items
  • On site export packing by our skilled professionals
  • Door to Door shipping London to all worldwide destinations including Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa,UAE and removals to all Europe - France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, just to name a few.
  • Packing tips
  • Removal from your UK address and delivery to UK port/airport of departure
  • International shipment to arrival destination port/airport, including port charges
  • Destination customs and quarantine clearance (but excluding any incidental fees)
  • Delivery to residence, assuming good access and not above first floor, or to store
  • Full unpacking of furniture and removal of discarded materials on delivery day

No two moves are alike and our quotation will be tailored to your specific requirements

Can we get the shipping quotes now and use for a removal at a later date?

Yes, you can! Our quotes come with an industry-standard validity of a month. If your move is tentative, you may still get the quotes done, so you can cut down the time when you finalize the date. Fill in out online quote now and find cheap removals in Islington area.

What is included in your removal quote?

Basically, a shipping quote will include:

  • All specified items inside cartons of owner packing,
  • All export packing done by our professionals,
  • Shipping boxes provision
  • Transfer of package from your address to the delivery port or airport departure, and the arrival destination port or airport for international shipment including port charges.
  • Destination quarantine clearance from the customs (this excludes accidental fees),
  • Residence delivery (not above the first floor)
  • Unpacking of furniture and removal of packaging materials on the day of delivery.

We ensure that our moving services are personalized towards your needs.

What will not be included in a international moving quote

Components such as storage at the origin or destination will not be included in international removal quote, however charges on storage will be available on request. Other things not included will include ferries, provision of lifting equipment, tolls, parking permits, import duties, levies imposed by host government, demurrage,  ordered steam cleaning services, x-ray charges, quay rent, fumigation charges, container detention levies, and any other treatments levies.

You can refer to our relevant destination information guide for details on custom charges on arrival items. Please take note that information provided in our Customs Guide or importing personal & household effects guide, are not definitive. For latest info you should always call our cheap London Shipping Company.

Is it compulsory for me to pay Tax?

VAT is exempted from removal costs especially if you are taking your items outside of the EU, but you have to pay VAT when moving within the EU.

What is your required Notice period?

Shipping quoteSeveral factors determine the moving date, in most cases, Home sale completion, new job commencement,  and school term completion , and so on, are factors that may determine the required notice period. We advise that  you give us an early notice , likewise it will be ideal not to move on a Friday. If you book your shipping well in advance our international movers London will be able to guarantee the move taking place on your chosen date.

How do I make a booking?

Completion of our shipping instruction and making a deposit that is specified in your removal quote is the first step of making a booking. Making a deposit will guarantee the services of our packing professional on your removal notice. The shipping instruction will give us the green light to go ahead with your order. Your order will not be processed without the completion of our instructions and deposit.

When will your staffs arrive at the removal day?

We normally formalize our operation schedules a few days prior to the start of removal, and we will communicate to you our arrival time. We usually start at 8am. You will receive a text message from us if you supplied us with your mobile phone number. You will be communicated to if there is a delay in the arrival of our crew members, and a revised time will be sent to you.

If for some reason we can not start at 8am the time can be agreed accordingly to your need.

What if the expected volume of shipment is exceeded?

Additional charges will simply apply if you exceed the assessed shipment volume. All added items will simply will uploaded into the packing container or excess item will be taken to our depot in case there is insufficient space and it will be loaded into the next container on our next shipment. Please take note that excess volume attracts charges. Similarly , please note that charges on quarantine and inspections at destination ports or airport will also apply.

Our estimate is usually spot on and we prepare an inventory list. The cubic volume increases when you add extra items.

When is the payment expected?

We normally expect you to make a deposit payment and complete our shipping instructions. On the receipt of these , a Proforma invoice and acceptance conformation will be sent to you. Payment in full is expected before full removal service is provided, but this may not be compulsory if you have an account with us. Make sure your invoice is settled as soon as possible, the reason being that you may have to transfer funds overseas, or your UK bank account is closed while your relocation is being prepared for.

Our final account will be forwarded to you following the final removal and this will be based on the packed removal volume that has been verified. The packing inventory alongside the Insurance proposal completed will have to be looked into as well. Take a note that : in a situation where the estimate volume is lesser than verified packed volume, we do have the right to make final adjustment to the final invoice provided.

Cash, cheques, bank drafts, debit and credit card are the payment methods we accept. Please take note that credit card payments attract 2.5 surcharges. Payment can also be transferred into our bank account, and you have to quote your invoice reference number when notifying us.

Please take note that terms and conditions governs the handling of our businesses. Some of the clauses in the terms stipulate that we are liable for the damage or loss of your goods, but there are time limits set on claims. Please take note of our cancellation policy. Cheack out our services for moving house UK.

What happens if my employer decides to pay for the shipping services?

Shipping servicesYour employer will have to send a written confirmation on your company's stationery just before removal, agreeing to the invoice for the international shipping service. Make sure the shipment instruction, and a written confirmation from your employer is forwarded to us before removal service is provided.

Is it possible for me to claim VAT back on new purchases?

VAT can be reclaimed by overseas nationals resident in the EU, especially on new purchases made on household items, however ,motor vehicles, boats, that are under retail export scheme cannot be reclaimed. 

The following conditions may make you qualified to claim back VAT:

  • You live outside the EU , and you are making plans to take the items outside of EU territory by the end of the third month after the month you purchased the goods.
  • You are a resident of the EU but intended to take the items outside of the EU for a 12-month minimum duration and you hope to return the goods after taking it out of the EU territory.
  • You are presently studying in the UK as an overseas resident or you're are an EU resident planning to take the bought items outside of the EU territory by the last day of the  third month after which the items were purchased. If you can show that you will be residing outside of the EU in 12 months from the day or purchase.
  • You must buy the items from a retailer who sells Tax free items only , our company will supply the retailer with a certificate of shipment which is an export proof . This retailer will then be in charge of processing your purchase through a VAT record and then ensure that your VAT is paid back to you.

Our company will not be held responsible if the retailer fails to fulfil its obligation in refunding your VAT. Please check the HMRC Notice 704 or contact the National advice service for more information on this.

If you are a UK resident and are relocating overseas from London fro good you may be able to ship your possession tax free. All depends on the country you are moving to.

Do you ship from all UK or cover just the Greater London area?

Our cheap shipping company London covers the entire mainland region of the UK, we also arrange packing and international removal services anywhere in Europe, and likewise we ship to most countries around the world.

Do you provide trained export packing staff?

There are quite a number of challenges associated with packing when moving from London overseas, therefore we provide skilful and professional packers who are more than completing your packing and international removal needs. Preparation for packing are completed at  your residence and we ensure that all boxes and furniture are labelled, and we ensure that inventory for your packing is provided before we start the move.

When shipping to Australia from London or to Canada, USA, New Zealand, UAE, Dubai, Qatar or South Africa it is mandatory to attach an inventory list to each shipping box you have.

Only materials that have been approved for the industry will be used for the packing and international delivery service, likewise we provide excellent protection techniques to safeguard your items during shipping. International packing standards are always followed during the packing, and this shows how committed our company is to staff training.  Our cheap international packers and movers London will handle all your possessions courteously and ensure that your possessions are well taken care of during transit.

Are the latest packing techniques employed by your London shipping company?

Shipping from LondonThe best quality packing materials are always used by our company for our services, therefore your possessions are perfectly protected against external environmental conditions, and other conditions your possessions are subjected to-these include bad roads , and routes.

Excellent shipping boxes will be used in packing and shipping household goods such as; mirrors, books, golf items , and pictures. We will also pack your furniture.

  • We use China cartons to protect fragile and sensitive items such as ; Glass, ornaments and lamps.
  • We use Linen cartons to package essential possessions such as blankets, sheets and other beddings.
  • Protective papers alongside suitable cartons are used in packaging essential possessions such as foot wears, and handbags.
  • Ideal cushioned bags are used in packing items such as mattresses.
  • Export blankets or cushioned bags are used in packing arm chairs and settees.
  • Flexi-pads are used in packaging standard lamps, chair legs and tables.
  • Export blankets with some padding are used in packaging furniture and related items.
  • Export blankets and cases are used in packaging fragile items such as antiques.
  • Wrappings with foam-lined cases are used in packaging and shipping granite, or marble table tops.
  • Acid-free tissue paper will be used in packaging Brass and other silverware items to protect them from tarnishing.
  • Cushioned polystyrene chips will be used in packing and shipping Porcelains and chandeliers.
  • Acid-free tissue and export-graded blankets will be used in packing and shipping items such as valuable paintings and Gilt framed mirrors. Foam-lined cases will also be used for these.
  • Bubble wraps will be used in packing fragile items such as Glass and crystals.
  • We will use blankets and over-carded packaging materials for appliances that are already packed in the manufacturer boxes
  • Export blankets and other suitable cartons will be used in packing and shipping electrical items.
  • Available flight cases will be used in packing and shipping your musical instruments.
  • Special wooden outer cases will be deployed in packing and piano removals and this will help in reducing pressures on the item.
  • Export blankets with over-cards will be used in packaging items such as garden furniture and tools, and these will be wrapped inside blankets. We ensure that all outdoor items are clean before they are packed for removal.
  • Crates and export blankets will be used in packing and shipping your essential tool cabinets.
  • We ensure that all detachable items, including bed legs and fixings are wrapped and packaged in special BITZ box – these create excellent access at the destination point. We can also build customized wooden crates for shipping furniture from London.

Will you provide your cartons for owner packing?

Shipping boxesA wide range of shipping boxes can be arranged and delivered by us before the international removals day and these boxes will be suitable for your personal items such as books, and clothing, electronic equipment, documents and other personal belongings.

We will like to known the delivery date as well as the quantity of boxes you require beforehand. Please take note that subsequent delivery will be charged for certain fees. The supplied carton must be left unsealed until an inventory is taken by our staff. We will like you also to take note that customs and quarantine officers will want to examine all items you packed by yourself.

In what way should I prepare for the move abroad?

It will be ideal for you to start sorting out your stuff prior to the removal day even though we will send our staff down to your residence. You need to prepare your garages, cellars, attic and sheds and make sure that all outdoor items are cleaned and electrical appliances are disconnected well ahead of time. We have provided some shipping tips and advice which we will invite you to study ahead of the moving day. We also provide a checklist for you to help you prepare for moving overseas from London.

Should wardrobes, and cupboards be dismantled for shipping?

Your wardrobes, cupboards, double beds, sofas, tables and bookcases as well as other furniture can be dismantled by our experts but you can do it by yourself if you want to. Furniture shipping London recommends all furnishing is dismantled to reduce the size.

You may remove some cushioning items materials from the the packages to reduce the volume of your shipment.

What sizes of shipping container are available?

The shipment containers available for your shipment needs can vary from 5ft, 10ft, 20ft to 40ft and 45ft. all these containers are available for all routes, and the largest 45ft are only available for certain destinations. We do have logistic experts  who can provide information on the most suitable container for your removal needs. Our cheap shipping companies London also offer wooden containers which can be designed to suit the size and the shape of your goods.

Does your international moving company provide a Groupage service to take care of smaller shipment needs?

Cheap shipping London caters for all types and sizes of shipments. We offer shared container shipping services as well as full container devilries. If you are shipping just a few boxes, excess baggage, single items or furniture then we recommend that you use our groupage shipment service. The part load shipping service only charges you for the space used in a container. You can also use this service to ship extra contents that the larger containers may not  have space for. All containers are neatly packaged at your house and then moved to our warehouse shortly before loading them in our container and then shipped with other items that are heading towards the same destination.

In the UK, we pride ourselves as one of the largest personal and household effects international shipping company, and we provide constant sailing schedules alongside allocations for each containers on our vessels. You need to give us between 8 and 10 weeks for shipment of your items to their destination ports and extra 2 weeks to complete the customs and quarantine formalities. Removals London - your cheap shipping company for each move.

Container shippingWe provide groupage, shared, partly loaded, half, quarter or one third container shipping from London to USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and more. We also send single boxes and offer furniture removals from London to France, Belgium, Germany, shipping to Spain, Italy, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and all Europe.

London shipping companies will deliver 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 cubic feet or as many as you want to anywhere in the world.

If your consignment is not going to regular countries served by our groupage and shared container services, we will ensure that they are export-packed and then securely packaged in plywood cases and kept at our warehouse before taken to the departure centre for our shipping line to complete the rest of the job.

We have trained logistic experts who can choose the most suitable shipping service for your needs.

Do you provide urgent airfreight services for essential items?

If you require some immediate access to some essential items, we suggest you make use of our airfreight services. Air shipping services are in most cases required for the delivery of essential items such as your computers, baby items, documents and business clothing. This service is cost-effective, and we make sure we package and ship your personal and private belongings right, and then put them in airline pallets,  and ship them through aircraft cargo hold. You need to allow between 7 and 14 days for these items to reach their destination, and a couple of weeks for customs to complete their inspection jobs.  Please take note that this service may be subjected to some seasonal fluctuations.

Shipping by air is also subjected to some anti-terrorism rules, and this means contents of your shipment may be intercepted and checked in transit. X-rays, and other mechanical detective methods may be used in this situation.

Are there any items prohibited from the international delivery?

Under the general conditions of carriage, there are certain items that have been banned from shipping by air and sea; food, cash, jewelries, alcohol, toxins, and explosive devices are some of them. They also include aerosol gas , scuba tanks and ink cartridges. Some countries allow the importation of some personal effects but these may be subjected to inspection, and import license. Please check our Fact sheet,for a list of prohibited items that may not be allowed for shipping. We also provide a shipping Guide on the importation of personal effects and household items alongside countries where some of these items are prohibited.

Can I ship endangered species with a CITES requirement?

You will need a CITES permit in case you are shipping cargo considered as “endangered species”. The CITES permit is an International agreement enter into by several governments to protect certain species from being exploited.

Our cheap shipping companies London will not undertake the removals of such cargo if the permit is not present. These endangered species may include wildlife animals, certain foods, moving garden Plants, as well as other products created from such endangered species, including leather goods, medicines, and instruments.

The CITES website provides a list of all endangered species and products that is protected under this permit. Our international moving company London will have to provide this permit on your behalf at the destination, and if this is not produced, your cargo may be confiscated, destroyed or returned on your expense.

Do you offer car shipping?

Car shippingWe provide shipping services for motor homes, cars and other motor-vehicles. We carefully stow your vehicle inside the container, and we keep it together with straps in-between the stowing points. We provide expertise in the field of protecting your vehicle before, during and after the shipment.

We provide a comprehensive pre-shipment survey, and we isolate the car battery according to regulations. We install some silica gel sachet in the luggage and passenger area of the car to absorb moisture during shipment- this also is done in accordance with regulations.

International movers London will ensure and secure your vehicle alongside other personal effects, just in case you are shipping them together. We use our specialized equipment to protect your private items from the vehicle, or we can arrange for a groupage service where we can pre-ship your goods at our depot and you only need to pay for the space you need. Our services also include a roll-on /roll-off car shipping service where certain vessels designated for certain ports can be used to ship your vehicle to their preferred destination.

We implored you to wash and vacuum your vehicle prior to shipment, though steam cleaning may be used at the destination. It is also expected that the fuel in the car must be emptied prior to shipment, however if you don't, then you will have to pay for cost of draining the tank. 

We expect you to provide us with a V5 registration certificate, or copies of certificate of permanent export, as a proof that you own the car. We also require that you provide us with clear copies of your ID /passport, alongside a battery disclaimer form , and vehicle entitlement form. You need to check our Car documentation list for the complete list of all documents required. Without your completed documentation, we may not be able to ship your vehicle, therefore you must contact your local embassy and confirm an authority to import your car.

Our London Car shipping FAQ provides more information on this issue.

Is Marine Goods in Transit Shipping Insurance cover provided by your organization?

We do our best to protect your belongings while under our care, and our records in this area are fantastic. We will also suggest that you cover your items under the Marine Transit insurance cover that we provide. 

Most London shipping companies provide a comprehensive insurance cover that protects all packed goods against risks and damages while in transit, and this cover comes at a 3% premium rate on the value of goods you are sending overseas. You need to complete a Shipping Insurance Proposal, make payment for the premium, and meet other terms and conditions.

Will your shipping company be able to store my items?

In most countries of the world, you will be required to appear before customs to clear your goods, and we can arrange for your goods to be stored if you are travelling en-route, however, your shipment will have to coincide with our arrival time. We provide the best advanced storage facilities for your goods, and we can also arrange that your items are stored at the arrival destination. You can request for the destination or origin storage fees from us.

It is important to note that we can extend the shipping insurance cover to your goods in our store at a 0.35% premium of values of items declared, and this can be arranged on monthly basis upon your written request and payment. You should consider the fact that Insurance premiums always attract insurance premium TAX{IPT}, and if you don't pay this premium, your goods will not be insured and the terms and conditions exempt us from taking responsibilities for the loss or damage of your goods. Your personal effects can be shipped in plastic storage boxes.

Do you have quality standards?

Furniture shippingMost of shipping companies we use are FIDI accredited international movers,  therefore we maintained all quality standards in ensuring that all goods are professionally handled. FIDI remains the top International furniture movers association and it has more than 600 affiliates registered worldwide.

This has given us access to many quality movers around the world, and we ensure that all administrative and operation standards are well maintained. FIDI accredited shipping firms have a quality manager that visits their sites randomly, just to ensure that equipment and packing standards are met.

How is my move managed?

A qualified move coordinator or a relocation manager will be attached to every stage of your international relocation, most especially from the inquiry stage to the final delivery stage. The principal contact and quality manager will be in contact with you, in case any issues arise. We also do international pallet shipping Dartford.

What documentation do I have to provide?

A copy of the Photo ID  of your passport is one of the most important documents you must provide us. You need also to provide us any necessary entry visa, Insurance proposal of your goods, and  you must have completed the customs Inventory. You may need custom quarantine or vehicle approval documentation in some countries, especially on arrival of your goods, and our international shipping companies will send the copy of your passport ID to our waiting destination partners.

You need to check our company's  Removal documentation list, for a comprehensive lists of all necessary papers required. And you can also refer to the FIDI custom guides to check the taxation and shipping regulations. It will be ideal for you to obtain custom rulings directly from the destination custom authorities considering the fact that custom rules change from time to time.

You need to note that you must have the right to ship your goods to the country destination, therefore you must contact the appropriate embassy if in doubt. You must have completed necessary payments and documentation before we finalize your move abroad.

What is the next stage after shipment?

After shipping your goods, your documents will be sent to our destination partners, while our certificate of shipment will also be sent to the necessary contacts. Please take note that you need to confirm the destination address given to us prior to the arrival of your goods. Our cheap international movers London will forward your full shipping details including the estimated arrival time and how to contact our local personnel.

Can my shipment be monitored on the internet?

You can use our online tracking system to monitor the progress of your goods while on transit. Normally your shipping documentation should include your surname and shipping reference number-you can use these to track your goods. In the case of transshipment situation, your shipping details may change slightly, however, our tracing system will update any changes to your shipment routes and arrival dates.

What happens at shipment destination?

Our destination partners should have received your shipping documentation prior to the arrival of your goods. Customs and quarantine formalities will be completed after our partners contact you immediately your goods arrived at the port or destination airport. The international movers we work with will also arrange for the delivery of the goods to your new address, they will unpack all items, and dispose off all packing materials.

We do take our time to select our partners carefully, and these partners have wide knowledge about their local communities. Be rest assured that all our partners provide excellent services and maintain quality standards. We constantly monitor the performances of our partners also.

Is my presence needed when my goods arrive at destination?

Most countries expect you to be at the port or airport for the clearance of your goods while others will accept your nominated representative. In most cases you will have to the resident of the country you are sending the goods to. We have provided a “Guide to Importing Personal & Household Effects “that you can refer to . Alternatively, you can refer to the FIDI customs and shipping guide in case your destination country is not listed in our guide. The information we provide in our guides is to direct you and such information are not definitive. It is ideal for you to get a definitive guide and ruling from destination customs.

We can also defer your shipment to tally with our estimated arrival period in case you will be travelling en-route. We also provide arrival storage as an alternative.

What will I be charged on arrival?

If you own or have used your personal goods within a period of 12 months, then you may qualify for tax-free shipping from London to most countries. You have to prove that the household goods are for your personal use only and not as a gift item or for any other intention. Take note that taxes and import duties will be levied on items that are still wrapped in manufacturer packages.

Shipping costsPlease take note that local quarantine Inspection officers will subject your belongings, furniture, equipment and other goods to some physical examination, especially when they are destined for shipping to New Zealand or Australia. 

All goods that has been placed on soil or water will be cleaned thoroughly before they are shipped and you will have to pay examination fee if your goods will be quarantined or subjected to physical examination at destination ports or airport.

You need to also consider other fees you will likely pay on steam cleaning, fumigation and other treatments on your goods.

You can simply check our Guide to Importing Personal & Household effects for a number of fees you may be required to pay at destination ports.  The FIDI custom guide will also provide you more information on fees, especially if your country destination is not listed on the website. The information will provide on our guides should not be seen as definitive because regulations can change, therefore you must contact destination country's embassy for definitive information.

Do I have any financial protection?

Our international removal firm is regularly monitored and accessed because of our membership of the quality assurance organizations, and under the advanced payment guarantee scheme, our organization is bound  by law to offer all clients the required financial protection. In a situation where we find ourself not being able to meet up with this obligation, another shipping company will be appointed to handle your removal services at no extra cost to you. Most of the the London shipping companies we work with and use for sending your goods overseas are accredited by FIDI or BAR, therefore they conform to strict financial and operational protocols.

Do you offer any after sales policy?

You can always count on our commitment just in case of any insurance claim or any other situation that require our attention. We can guaranty you that we will do everything possible just to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.

Is your organization guided by a Code of Practice?

The code of practice as stipulated by the Industry Quality Assurance Bodies is the code that guide our principle of operations. We particularly hold the section 6 of these codes in high esteem, therefore we will refund your deposits and pre-payments when necessary. Find cheap removals to Belgium from London.

Do you provide other types of international relocation services aside shipping?

We do provide advice and all forms of assistance for International relocation and this includes money transfers, tax rebates, migrant airfares, employment seeking, and several other important relocation services you can think of.

Why you should consider hiring us for your removal service?

Shipping and storageOur cheap shipping companies London can guarantee the best level of international moving services at all times, based on the resources , knowledge and years of experience that we possess. With us, moving your household quickly and easily without any fuss is guaranteed. For several decades, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of consignments worldwide and thousands of individuals, families and companies who have done businesses with us can attest to our competence.

We ensure that we provide the best of our services for your satisfaction , likewise we rely on personal recommendations to make our business thrive. You can check the review sections of our customers to know how much we value the trust they have in us.

You need to consider the transit shipment durations that may vary from country to country and the fact that seasonal fluctuations may affect the delivery time, you should leave extra 2 weeks for customs checks and quarantine exercises to be completed.