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Moving to France

Are you planning to send some boxes of furniture from the UK to France? We offer single item removals as well as full house content moving.

Wherever you are in the UK we can come to your house, pack your personal effects and furniture and take them away. In the peak of the season we dispatch removal vans from the UK to France four times a week.

For full house removals to France from London and some other UK towns and cities we offer the same day collection and delivery services.

We offer cheap shipping to France 7 days a week. We can move your furniture from London to Paris, transport your personal belongings from Birmingham to Marseille, move excess baggage from Manchester to Lyon, deliver boxes from Bristol to Toulouse, relocate pets from Cardiff to Nice, forward a car from Glasgow to Nantes, ship bicycles and sporting equipment from Edinburgh to Strasbourg or transport any type of household goods from Nottingham to Montpellier, Bordeaux or Lille. Basically we offer full UK and France coverage.

We offer a free quote with no obligation. Please contact our office to request removal costs to France from London or any other UK area. Our UK to France moving costs are very competitive.


France is the largest country in Europe. It has a good economy and it is among the powerful nations in the world. Paris the capital city is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is the world's centre of culture and commerce.

If you are moving from London to France, for any reason and you are looking for removal service, you should consider hiring our removal services. We have been providing furniture shipping to France to people moving house, warehouse, servers and IT equipment and any other goods.

FranceSince our shipping company was established, it has successfully gained reputation, popularity and reliability in the moving industry thanks to the quality of services we offer our clients.

We offer UK short and longer distance moving services to various places across the globe including France. So, we have acquired experience and expertise over the years. We have the necessary equipment and manpower to help you relocate successfully to France from England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Contact our cheap removals Epsom companies and ask for a free quote on your delivery to Paris or other cities.

We are quite aware that the moving needs of people are not the same. So, we have packaged our moving services to France to suit every need. We can ship your boxes and furniture to Paris, Rennes, Le Havre, Reims, Saint-Étienne, Toulon, Grenoble, Angers, Dijon, Brest, Le Mans and anywhere you require. Whether you are moving house or warehouse to France and you need some packing tips or assistance, you can call on us to provide the service to you. We can provide a quote with full removals to France costs breakdown so that you can compare different shipping options.

Shipping to France

We pride ourselves with quality packing services. We have expert packers to get all your properties and items or goods in your current warehouse well-arranged and packed. Once you hire our London to France removals services, our experts will come at your home or warehouse to evaluate the items to be packed and moved.

On the stipulated packing day, they will be available on time with the right packing materials. We make use of the best packing boxes for any material to offer better protection for the items packed inside them. Our UK to France movers and relocation experts will ensure that all boxes are labelled properly for easy unpacking. In case you will require help unpacking your items in your new place, we can also provide you with the necessary assistance. Just let us know your need and we will discuss it with you to know how to help you.

We also offer collection services if you cannot bring your items to our base. We take extra care when packing and handling our client's property in preparation for moving to France from the UK. In order to prevent accidental damage and breakage, all pieces of furniture are wrapped and packed individually and then carefully put in our truck.

Before driving out of your home or warehouse, we will prepare an inventory list of all the items in our possession and a copy will be given to you for confirmation.

Shipping costs to France from UKIn case you are putting your house for sale in London and your new home in France is not yet ready but you want to pack out from your current location you can take advantage of our storage service. We have a well-equipped storage facility.

We are quite aware that different items may require different storage temperature; we have acquired various types of storage units including temperature controlled storage unity for the storage of temperature sensitive items.

So, no matter the nature of the item you are storing on temporary basis, we have a cheap storage unit suitable for every item. When contacting one of our storage companies please always double check what type of service is offered to you. You need to declare all your expectations.

With us you can compare shipping costs to France from the UK and send your boxes and furniture from any location in Scotland, Wales, Ireland or England.

As leading, professional and cheap removals to France from London, we have also familiar movers in France with well-equipped storage facility. We can also store your items until you are ready to collect them. In case you don't have time to pick your items from our base in France, you can hire our door-to-door delivery services. No matter where your new home or warehouse is located in France, we will bring your items to the place. Just discuss with our expertise in case you have any special need. We are always ready to help our clients.

To make sure that we are on the same footing and that there is no disconnect, we will also provide you with accurate quotation for our shipping to France services as well as the terms and conditions of our services. We are not like other companies that hide some cost from their clients. All dimes you will pay and every detail about the movement will be made known to you before a final contract is prepared. This will help you to know what you are getting from us.

Moving to France - things you should know

France is a unitary sovereign country, which is resided in the western region or Europe. Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany are neighbourhood countries of France, and it is covered with North Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans. The geographical view of France is very eye-catching, and it is also famous for its historical structures. People, who live in France, they all speak French language, and they have their culture that is famous all over the world. France keeps a crucial value in growth of technology and mainly in the architectural sector. Every year there are many Britons moving to France from UK and the other way around. You will see many amazing structures in France, and the greatest part of it is the Eiffel Tower.

Life in France

France has many territories and many cities, which complete it as the cultural capital of the world. Almost people in France speak French language, and they follow their traditional culture. If you are planning a tour of this beautiful land or removals to France from UK, you will see that people are so friendly. Hence, French is the mother language of France, but still a lot of people speak English here. So as a traveller or immigrant you will not face any problem related to communication.

People are very friendly in France, and they are known for enjoying their life. Parties and enjoyments are very standard part of French people's life. Because France is counted among the leading countries of the world, its every city has perfect arrangements of enjoyment. You can quickly find out bars, clubs, and a long night running pubs to enjoy your evening. These bars and clubs provide you world-class wines to make better mood. So there is no lack of pleasure in French cities, and French people take advantage of all these facilities.

Agriculture in France

If you check the history of France, you will discover that it has been the leading producer of many agricultural products. This country has abundant fertile land and almost farmers in this country are using the cutting-edge technology to grow food. So if you are moving to France and have a food related education you should not have any problems with finding a job.

There are many kinds of food in France and many other foodstuffs is prepared here in farms. Nowadays France is counted among the leading agricultural product manufacturer of the world. Along with fruits and grains, France is also recognized as the largest dairy product producer of the world. There are a lot of productive lands in France, and French people are preciously utilizing it. Therefore there are many shipping companies offering removals of goods to and from France.

Transportation services in France

I believe there is no need to say that you will experience any problems traveling in France. There are many moving London to France solutions. Suppose you want to visit any long distance's location, you can choose Air France, which is official airplane service of France. Similarly, there are many Airplane services available in France, which connect this country with other countries of the world. All airlines offer excess baggage shipping to France from London and other UK places like Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Clapham, York. Even domestic airlines are also available to travel in France. The 2nd best way of transportation in here is the train. France offers you many super-fast trains to visit in every city of this country. There are also many trains, which go to international locations and you can easily get tickets for them. You can also prefer seaways and roadways to travel in France. If you are planning to visit or to relocate this land we offer cheap London to France removals. With us you can send just one moving box or the entire shipping container.

Traditional French food

Traditional french foodAs much France is famous for its fantastic buildings and structures, similarly it offers you many delicious dishes to fill your belly.

When thinking of removals to France you should know that French people use both vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffs to prepare their meal.

Fishes and meats are the fundamental part of people's dines, but they enjoy their dinner with delicious wines. So, if you will visit France, you should taste the world famous vines of France.

There are many restaurants, which use cheese for preparing food. Almost French people seek to have cheese made dishes because it offers a very pleasant taste in food.

Ways of communication

France is among the leading countries in use of technology. French people believe in completing every work correctly and for this they take support of latest techniques. After cheap removals to France from UK you can have almost new equipment's of communication, like telephones, cell phones and smart phones too. Various world famous smart phone brands are available in this country, and people are preciously using their services. Communication charges of mobile companies are very reasonable, and they bring good offers time by time. France has Internet and every other progressive technology of the world, which you need. Moving to France means no problems with talking to your friends and family in the UK on Skype.

According to me, you should always ask the waiter to provide a list of local French cuisines. After all, the whole world is seeking to have delicious French dishes and for this many French restaurants are also opened in different cities of the world. There is no lack of spots to see in France. People are very kind and gentle in nature. The accommodation services are available according to your needs in every French city. So, you will have a great time if you are on the tour of France. For lifetime living purpose, also, France is an ideal country. Also there is not point in shipping to France any food products from the UK. Everything you need can be found in French supermarkets. Check other cheap UK to France furniture delivery companies.

Places to see in France

When you think of removals to France there are some places that comes into your head instantly. Everyone who has a list of must- see places will surely have Paris as one of their dream destinations. Even if you don't, France has something in store for everyone with its storied history, timeless culture and architecture. Along with delicious food and wine, top of the line fashion, an air unforgettable romance and beautiful countryside. Before you make a decision on moving to France you should visit a few places to make an informed decision. Some of the cities you cannot miss out on when you are in France are:

Removals to Paris

Paris is the heart of France and with its immortal beauty, chic fashion and Nightlife that will take you back to Moulin rouge era. Most of our clients thinking of removals to France are planning to move to Paris. It might be much too clichéd, but you just cannot miss the magnificent Eiffel tower when you are in Paris. Few of the other places that are so attractive of Paris are the catacombs the empire of death, Notre-Dame cathedral a reminder of royal French epoch. Louvre museum nestling the paintings of Mona Lisa, The wedding feast of Cana and many others, Versailles gardens, Arc de Triomphe and Church Madeleine. Some of the famous and most sought after brands like channel, Louis Vuitton and Dior comes France. Paris is not just a travel destination but is also a fashion destination; being the fashion capital of the world it brings to you the best fashion has to offer.

Moving to Normandy and Brittany

Delivery to FranceWhen the name of Normandy is said it reminds one of the Normandy D-day of beaches where thousands of soldiers lost their lives while Second World War.

But it's much more, with its rolling mountains, sun kissed beaches and high cliffs. It's in the north-eastern part of France and is a wonderful place to move to, unwind and let down your hair. Some of the places you have to visit when moving to France, Normandy are Etretat a small village of Normandy immortalised by the writers and painters like Monet, Northern tip of Normandy and the beaches of Normandy.

And down the road you reach Brittany, and one will be greeted with the spectacle of the glorious mount saint Michel. And if you are foodie looking to taste the best oyster in the place then visit a restaurant in Cancale. The fortified city of Saint Malo is not to be missed when you are in Brittany.

But if one happens to be an art and history buff then there are a few museums and forts you might like to visit. Like the Maisons Satie, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, Musée Départmental Breton, Mémorial de Caen when you are in the city. All in all if you are viewing to spend some ME time than Normandy and Brittany are a place to start.

Shipping to Provence

Located in the southern region of France, it is one of the sorts after places for its never-ending fields of beautiful lavender. The best time to move to or to visit Provence when the lavenders bloom, but they are not the only attractions of Provence. It is a picturesque place and drive to La-Palud-Sur-Verdon is not be missed. Camargue's National park is a treat to nature lovers and birdwatchers. But if you just want to roam through the city it has old town feel with narrow streets and walk through Marseille's Vieux Port would be a nice experience for those who haven't visited a port city before. Provence should be one of the areas that are on your cheap removals to France areas list. Few of the other places you visit while you are there are Roman ruins in the charming village of Saint-Remy-de-Provence, ancient stone village of Les Baux and beach of Calanques at Cassis.

Removals to Lille, Chamonix and Cannes

Even after being a major city not many people really know of Lille Even less is thinking of removals to Lille in France. It is heaven for art lovers with Palais des Beaux Arts, La Piscine Musée d'Art et d'Industrie, Musée d'Art Moderne, d'Art Contemporain et d'Art Brut – LaM, Musée de l'Hospice Comtesse and Maison Natale de Charles de Gaulle. But the city also gives you an insight on modern France.

If you like any type of indoor and outdoor activity you should think removals to Chamonix. It is a city mainly suited for people who are seeking adventure and excitement as there are so many organised activities one can indulge in, like snowboarding, skiing, ice climbing and winter mountaineering. Of course wither is the best time to visit if you want to avail all that is on offer. At 4808m high and foot of Mont Blanc it attracts people from the world over with its state of art winter sports facilities and Mer de glace France's largest glacier 200m and 7km deep is a sight to behold. if you want just to visit Chamonix we offer cheap shipping to France from London, Bristol, Cardiff, Wimbledon, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or Glasgow. We can send boxes, sporting equipment or just excess luggage at affordable rates. Moving costs to France that we offer are very competitive.

The city famous for its film festival popularly known as Cannes film festival, Cannes is a beautiful city with a brilliant heritage. Blessed with sandy beaches it is also an ideal place for water sports. You can even visit Monte Carlo and Monaco as it will be a very short trip from Cannes to either of the places.  

If you plan on visiting France then above mentioned cities are not to be missed, so make sure you got adequate time to travel to all of them next time you are planning a Euro trip.

For some tips and advice of how to move furniture and household goods from London to France please contact our sales team. Our man and van London can deliver your furniture form the UK even the same day.

From France to UK

Are you gunning for proximate freight forwarding rates to France from Westminster movers, Wolverhampton, Exeter, Stirling or from every other region in Britain? Our UK and discount overseas collect and transport partners have the experience to bring your moving house storage boxes, single bed, dresser, large black jersey tank, magazine tack, tools and extra family chattels to any district in France - Toulouse, Saint-Étienne, Le Mans, Nantes, Montpellier and etc.. We occupy towering know-how in sending most hugeness of cheap moving boxes - roomy, mini, one or four cubic ft or twenty cubic ft. It doesn't matter if you would intend to carry two or five or thirty seven great cardboard boxes to Lille, Lyon, Toulon or Reims we will be happy to be your relocation company. Forwarding extra suitcase to France from Canterbury, Worcester, Edinburgh or from any other location in Wales and UK could not be out of sight. International removals to FranceOur economical and cheap transport firms to France from UK offer bargain-basement approximate shipping costs to Rennes, Angers, Dijon, Marseille and to any place you please. Responsible and budget bike and bus removals to France is also something our transportation institution are capable to calculate for you. We have been forwarding any collections of motorcars to France from Sheffield, Salisbury, Norwich and many more. Our solid sea freight specialists have the expertise to drag your Subaru Legacy from Chester to Bordeaux, relocate your Mitsubishi Lancer from Bath to Nice or bring your Maybach from Paris to Dundee. We are big enough to supply the handling of a motorcycle to Brest. Get cheap shipping to France from student removals. Our abroad cargo shippers could send your NIPPONIA to Grenoble, lug your EASY RIDER to Strasbourg or haul your HONDA to Le Havre with care. It is not important if you are sending a limited number of strong moving boxes or big 6 bedroom house worth of furniture and cheap cardboard boxes one would engage us off-hand. Our trained UK to France Removal company will send any variety of shrines movables, household and outdoor belongings. Home removals company may reach the end of the dispatches of ladies' wedding rings and bands, baby bouncers, fan, one-seater sofa and wedding dress satin or food supplements to Toulouse from Peterborough, delivering plates, rack-mounted server, headphones, hair extensions to Saint-Étienne from Leeds or relocating receptacles, cases, mountain bike and toys figure to France from Lichfield. We are experienced enough to delicately pack all your delicate equipment like - computers, memory / ram, fibre optic cables, cot, paintings, modular seatings, storage system, crystal, face creams, pedestals and different. Examine special UK international removal firms to France instantly to request and review average transport prices to Le Mans, Nantes, Montpellier other. Dig out how much to export mechanically refrigerated container or one complete side container. International Removals services sale bursting and flexible cubic volume container shipping to France, Lille, Lyon or Toulon from Oxford, Derby and all Scotland and UK. Transferring bulky machinery abroad like stump grinders, prepress-step & repeat machinery, sandblasting pots, drum storage equipment or bench grinders is adjunct air shipping thing we have the right equipment to have done for you. We send perplexing plant for multiple industries - labor, non-alcoholic beverages, Indian gaming, racing industry, warehousing and storage and similar.

International removals to France

Are you having a browse for rough-and-ready cartage rates to France from Leicester, Bristol, Cambridge, Southampton or from everywhere area in United Kingdom? Our well-qualified and low-priced worldwide removal experts will ship your moving home boxes, blanket box, hope chests, golf club, step machine, microwave and other everyday-use stuff to any region in France - Reims, Rennes, Angers, Dijon, Marseille and more. We bear cumbrous trade in shipping greater number of capacity of moving boxes - giant, microscopic, 4 or 1 cubic ft or nineteen cubic ft. No matter if you will aspire to shift 1 or ten moving cardboard boxes to Bordeaux, Nice, Paris or Brest we are able to help you save money. Moving over allowance suitcases to France from Glasgow, Lisburn, London or from each place in UK doesn't need to be plush. Our worth the money and cut-rate removal companies to France from UK provide bargain estimated transport costs to Grenoble, Strasbourg, Le Havre, Toulouse and to anywhere you require. Affordable and local-cost scooter and motorbike relocation to France is also something our freight forwarding mentors have the facility to concoct for you. We are transferring any types of motorized vehicles to France from Liverpool, Portsmouth, Wakefield and etc.. Removal costs to FranceCompare removal costs from London to France. Ask pool table movers for best rates. Our recognised import managers are professional enough to take your Audi from Inverness to Saint-Étienne, move your Land Rover from York to Le Mans or transport your Volvo 200 Series from Nantes to Swansea. We have the resources to make happen the importation of a motorbike to Montpellier. Our intercontinental transport companies are in position to convey your Kawasaki KLR250 to Lille, ship your GILERA to Lyon or carry your Aprilia Tuono to Toulon with heart. We do not care if you may be moving a couple of removal cardboard boxes or loaded four or five bedrooms condo worth of items and cheap moving house boxes one could contact us at your earliest convenience. Our reliable UK to France Moving organization will be honoured to deliver every stature of vestibule desks and computers, sun-room and bathroom wares. Removal firm can trade the conveying of ipad accessories, marvel fancy dress, small fridge, four-seater sofa and blu-ray or x large asphalt threadless zip hoody to Reims from Plymouth, exporting coffee tables, server suite, bags leather, women shoes to Rennes from Belfast or transporting trunks, relocation boxes, craft supplies and leather jacket to France from Coventry. We can daintily pack all your fracturable property like - household articles, surge protection, whiteboards, basket, images, four tier wire mesh lockers, relax, china, diy tools and power tools, game tables and many more. Inquire about slick UK global shipping firms to France on the spot to get and examine rough moving prices to Angers, Dijon, Marseille different. Check how much to forward 10ft shipping container or twenty foot container. Intercontinental Cheap removals do overflowing and corporate container shipping to France, Bordeaux, Nice or Paris from Chichester, Carlisle and all England and UK. Delivering colossal production equipment worldwide like spiral freezers, parts washers, scrappers, highway 10 yard rear dumps or latest machinery is another shipment solution we are trained to administer for you. We relocate hard-won warehouse and factory machinery for various industries - crop production & basic processing, funeral homes and services, advertising industry, communications/electronics, property management and other.

UK to France movers

Cheap UK to France removalsAre you attempting to get back-of-the-envelope haulage rates to France from Newcastle upon Tyne, Winchester, Hull, Gloucester or from wherever town in Great Britain? Our skilled and discounted overseas delivery companies are organized enough to move your chests, Ottoman, wing-back chair, DVD box set, TV/Video cabinet, parasol and further domestic gear to everywhere in France - Brest, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Le Havre, Toulouse and similar. We have gained beefy expertness in importing each range of Large plastic storage boxes - humongous, miniature, five or one cubic ft or 11 cubic ft. It does not make any difference if you would attempt to deliver 3 or four house moving boxes to Saint-Étienne, Le Mans, Nantes or Montpellier we are equipped to ship your possession. Transporting additional baggage to France from Newport, Brighton, Preston or from every city in Britain does not require to be overpriced. Our low tariff and bargain-counter cargo forwarding companies to France from UK offer cut-price proximate delivery costs to Lille, Lyon, Toulon, Reims and to wherever you choose. Quality and on sale truck and motor vehicle transportation to France is also something our shipping old pros have the experience to scheme for you. We were moving any categories of pantechnicon to France from Cardiff, Armagh, Hereford and more. Our friendly relocation shifters will be happy to shift your Simca 1100 from Birmingham to Rennes, export your Bugatti Type 40 from Salford to Angers or get your Peugeot from Dijon to Manchester. We are capable to achieve the delivery of a motorcycle to Marseille. Our abroad freight forwarders have the expertise to drag your Ducati Supermono to Bordeaux, relocate your HMC to Nice or bring your BMW to Paris with fury. Whether you will be shipping single cardboard packing boxes or laden 3 bedroom homestead worth of effects and coffers one can go after us now. Our respectable UK to France Relocation firm has the knowledge to relocate each comprehensiveness of nook desks, chairs and cabinets, house and basement goods. Office relocation company could bring off the movements of children's tableware and lunch boxes, nappy stackers, dehumidifier, pram and t-shirts or memory card to Brest from Stoke-on-Trent, sending pictures, server racking, projector, medium midnight girly v-neck to Grenoble from Lincoln or forwarding bins, cardboard moving boxes, Nike air Jordan and handbags to France from Durham. Moving to France from UKWe are big enough to with safety pack all your frangible movables like - fireworks, switches, chrome-books, dustbin, pictures, upholstered cantilever chairs, extractor hoods & filters, vases, printer paper, piano and etc.. Try specialist UK international relocation firms to France at glance to receive and review approximate relocation prices to Strasbourg, Le Havre, Toulouse many more. Check out how much to transport flat rack container or open top container. Global Local removals reach the completion of replete and grouped container shipping to France, Saint-Étienne, Le Mans or Nantes from Sunderland, Londonderry and all Wales and UK. Relocating gigantic factory plants overseas like compressors, vacuum fillers, refrigeration, woodworking machinery or counterbalanced stacker is supplementary shipping service we could organize for you. We haul heavy factory equipment for diverse industries - specialized health services, social and membership organizations, TV production & distribution, rail industry, credit unions and different. Compare cheap removals to France from the UK and find out average shipping costs.