List of free museums in London

Are There Any Free Museums In London?

Many people visiting London are on budget and are really disappointed with the high entrance fees to most must see attractions. Luckily there are some free museums in London.

The fact is that recreation and leisure is one essential part of human life that we should all be entitled to. Yes, there is nothing that should deny human beings that opportunity to enjoy recreation and have fun after a very long time of stress and work.

This is simply the reason why there are many recreational facilities and leisure homes everywhere. However, the truth is that many of these are managed in ways whereby they are not affordable to people who need them. If you are moving to London just for one day to have a quick tour you will find very soon that you need a fortune to be able to see all museums you want.

Yes, as a business, the leisure and recreational establishments needs to make money so as to continue to run. But the fact is that the state which is supposed to centre all about it on the common good of the citizens and insuring that all have the same rights and access to good life must also bring this to the recreational homes. And that's the reason why there are some free museums in London for kids, adults or pensioners which you can visit without spending a penny. Depending on your interest you can visit London free museum of art, imperial war, science, history, natural, dinosaur, Tate, military, transport. Not all museums are free all the time. Most of them offer free entry very occasionally.

In essence, there are some people who cannot afford to pay for these things in areas where they come with some price tag especially if they are visiting London with the entire family. Because of this, they are denied this. This is the reason why there are many museums where you can go and have a very good time without paying a dime. A list of free entry museums in London can be found below. Unfortunately you some of the listings may be out of date and you should check directly with you chosen museum if it is free to enter it or not.

Free entry museums in London

List of free London museumsSome people have been asking whether there are actually museums in the UK and especially in London where they can go and have themselves exercised and enjoy the full view of the works on display. The government is so magnanimous to have mapped many of the museums in London as free, so that people can go and have fun without paying huge sums of money like it is in other museums.

Free V&A Museum

The V and A free museum is number one on our list. It is actually the museum that houses one of the greatest collections of artefacts you can ever think of in the world. Here, you will have a field day viewing great works of ceramics, portrait miniatures, sculpture and photography.  This is where you will have the chance to view the British galleries of 1500-1900 down to the time of Henry VIII to the reign of Queen Victoria. The good thing about it is that you can see this free art museum without a charge.

Free British Museum

The second is the British Free museum which serves as one of the oldest museum in the whole world.  This has a vast collection of many significant and historical works of art.  Here, you will actually have the chance to view more than a million works of art free of charge. This ranges from the Lewis chessman, mummies, lindow man and many others.

Free Natural History Museum

The next is the Natural History Museum.  This is regarded as among the biggest three amongst all the museums that are located in the southern part of Kensington. 

This is housed in a Victorian styled building, and in here, you will get to see the natural and also the weirdest of the world of art.  The things that will marvel you mostly are the dinosaur skeletons. These are natural and real skeletons of dinosaur which has been in the museum for a very long time. The simple view of this will make you go excited, and will also instil some feeling of awe in you. You also know that you will get to see all these things free of charge.

Free Science Museum

The next is the Science Museum. This was founded in the year 1857. It houses all the objects that were shown at the historic great exhibition which was held in the world famous crystal palace.  The good thing about this is that they have permanent displays that are shown to the whole world for free all the time. There are also some temporary exhibitions given to families upon demand, and all these are also offered to people free of charge.

Free national gallery

The national gallery is the next London free museum. The Trafalgar square is very large in size and no one can doubt this. However, the entire northern part of this large arena is taken over by the national gallery. The western European paintings and exhibitions here have never been revealed by any at all. This houses paintings that came into life from around 1250AD. London Free museum of transport The truth is that you can never get works that pre-dates these. You will enjoy paintings from Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Hogarth and many other big names.

Free Museum of London

The museum of London is another free entry museum where you can enjoy yourself without paying anything.  This museum though it has been reconstructed, houses all the original artefacts that explain the activities of prehistoric London. The artefacts due to their dates were not the organized and kept works. No, they are works that were discovered during archaeological digs. There are lots of activities that will make your day here, ranging from walks, talks, and temporary exhibitions.

List of free London museums

There are also the National Maritime Museum, Tate Modern, Imperial War Museum, National Army Museum, V&A Museum of Childhood and many others. They are all free for you to enjoy.

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