Packing boxes London

Cheap cardboard boxes for packing and moving house contents

Types and usage of moving boxes

There are many types of boxes available to buy online especially in London where the packing boxes for moving retail is very competitive. Some of them are being used in the form of moving boxes. Some movers offer boxes to move customer's luggage.

Nowadays, some agencies are also working to provide people safe and brand new, strong moving boxes according to their need. If you are going to move your home, office or warehouse stock, then you must be well informed about moving and shipping boxes types, sizes and usage..

Today you can have plastic storage boxes, cardboard boxes and cartons, which are generally used for moving all house contents especially electronic equipment, kitchen items, glassware, antiques, TV's, furniture and all type of household items.

Before you choose any kind of boxes for your use, you should be aware of their strength and durability. You should not select boxes, which will get damaged while shifting and cause damage to your household stuff. Before choosing the boxes, you should ensure that the packing boxes chosen are not too heavy to pick up or transfer to the Removals London van. Also, the packing boxes should not be too light to not crush and fall apart. The rental services of moving boxes keep every kind of options open for you; so choose smartly by knowing all the positive and the negative facts about moving boxes.

Plastic made moving boxes

The plastic made moving boxes are considered as the best for removal services. I think one can overlook the fact that plastic moving boxes are very light in weight, but they are manufactured by using heavy-duty plastic. For sure these boxes can handle any heavy weight item, which removal services allow to move in their vans. The plastic boxes are available in various sizes and shapes. Whether you want to purchase it or want it for rent, services are available in almost all countries to help you. The main advantage of choosing cheap plastic boxes is that these boxes are reusable and durable. Whether you are relocating to a short distance or to a long distant place, you can depend on plastic boxes for safe moving.

One of the most striking benefits of using plastic moving boxes is that you preserve nature. Plastic boxes can be used more than ten times for moving materials of homes, offices and of colleges. Just assume if there would be no plastic boxes, people would cut millions of trees for preparing cardboard boxes. Usually, people do not think in such way, but it is true that by selecting plastic boxes you can take part in saving our environment.

Cardboard boxes

Before vogue of plastic boxes, cardboard boxes were used as moving boxes in removals. Well, nowadays almost individuals avoid using these moving boxes because they are heavier in weight. Additionally cardboard boxes cover larger space in comparison to plastic boxes. Still many people prefer to use cardboard boxes for moving because these boxes ensure you for safe and secure moving of your stuff. The usage of cardboard boxes is reduced since the plastic boxes and cartons are being used for moving.

If you want to have cardboard boxes, you can quickly find out a dealer in your nearby location. By the way, you should be ready to pick heavy weighted boxes for keeping your stuff. Additionally the box weight will increase too much, when you will keep your stuff in it. Many removal services suggest people to use cartons and plastic boxes instead of choosing cardboard boxes for moving. They face problems in packing and unpacking of moved items. By the way, still cardboard boxes are in use. You can also get the packing boxes from our Removals Barnet branch.


The most preferred moving boxes for moving household stuff, educational stuffs and light weighted things are cartons. These type of moving boxes are common to see in moving tasks. Cartons come with many benefits as you can fold and unfold it according to your needs. Suppose you have unpacked your items, and now no more need moving boxes, you can fold the cartons and keep them safely into the storage area of your home. Whenever in future you will need it, you can pick it back and reuse it. Cartons are reusable, but you have to store them safely. In this age, almost every individual prefers cartons for moving because of their low price and high weight bearing capacity. Above given three types of boxes are common to see in moving.

Today's generation is mainly using plastic moving boxes and cartons which are very commonly used by shipping companies London. It is good because now we are moving towards Eco-friendly way of moving. Today no one wants to have heavy and costly cardboard boxes for moving things. Every person prefers to have either plastic boxes or cartons. Equipment manufacturers are also delivering their devices, like TV, freeze, washing machines and other things in cartons. It states that cartons are safe, but you should keep light weighted stuffs in it. Keeping a heavy object can cause damage, so for heavy items you can use plastic made moving boxes for greater safety of your items.

Most common packing Boxes for moving, sizes and usage

1.5 cubic foot moving boxes

1.5 cubic foot moving boxes that are 16 x 12½ x 12½ inches in dimensions. This box is used the most and can safely carry up to 60 pounds weight. Again, keep the weight below 50 lbs. This box is excellent for books, for carrying kitchen items, dishes, delicate and small devices, lamps or shades.

3.0 cubic foot moving box

3.0 cubic foot moving box that is 18 x 18 x 16 can securely carry up to 65 lbs. weight. It is excellent for clothing, pots and containers and electronics.

4.5 cubic feet moving box

4.5 cubic feet moving box that is 18 x 18 x 24; can reliably take up to 65 pounds weight. These boxes are great for larger lights, linens and bigger kitchen appliances.

6.0 cubic feet moving box

6.0 cubic feet moving box that is 22 x 22 x 21 ½ and can support up to 70 lbs. Weight, but a statement of caution. Do not over-stuff this box as it can become very troublesome. Use this box for cushions, toys, large sheets and couch/chair cushions.

6.1 cubic feet moving box

6.1 cubic feet moving box that is 24 x 18 x 24. This box is a rectangular form and may work best for blankets and comforters and pillows. Use it for articles that do not fit correctly into the 6.0 cubic boxes.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes that have hangers come in different sizes (small, medium and large) with all having an alloy bar and shaped just like a wardrobe. They are great for hanging wardrobe items that you can't stuff flat. Just recognize that they are bulky and take up a lot of places. If you can pack clothes level, this will spare you some money. Some movers use these boxes to move lights or delicate wind rings that are better to move hanging than flat.

Lay Down Chest Box

Lay Down Chest Box, which are about 32 x 19 7/8 x 9. This resembles a table drawer and is excellent for stuffing clothing that you prefer only to fold one time. Just remember not to over-pack this box, as it cannot endure heavy items. It is excellent for moving house in London.

Picture or Reflector Boxes

Picture or Reflector Boxes: All mirror boxes can be glassed, meaning that any two boxes can be put together in order to get a longer fit. When fitting two boxes collectively, make sure you use a strong fibre tape to secure them united and to handle the extra weight. Mirror boxes are designed to manage framed pictures, artwork and reflectors. Bubble wrap is suggested for all framed items.

Packing boxes for moving ceramic

Ceramic packs: Great for packing glasses, cups or drink/wine bottles. Just make sure you don't over-pack them. Check the weight to guarantee they are still flexible. Over-packing, dish packs can result in collapsed boxes and broken items.

Mattress boxes

Mattress boxes: These boxes aren't necessary, as most movers will wrap your bedding in plastic bags that are much affordable to purchase. However, boxes will keep your bedding from being pierced, or if it's being put for a while, it'll protect them better from outside forces. Mattress boxes come in many dimensions from cribs to twin to king-size.