Cheap plastic storage boxes with lids for moving

Large and small plastic storage boxes

Plastic boxes FAQ - For a long time, people ask why to use plastic storage boxes for moving stuff instead of using cardboard boxes.

Well, plastic boxes are Eco-friendly and save the life of many trees every year. You can use them over and over, sell on Ebay once you have moved and do not need them.

Storage boxes can be washed and cleaned as many time as you need. You can use them for transporting food, clothes, books and anything you require.

Plastic boxes can be used not only for moving house content but also for storage of goods that you need the access to very rarely, for example winter clothes, Christmas decoration or some sporting equipment.

In case you need the storage boxes just for moving you have an option to hire them from one of many storage companies.

Plastic boxes can be equipped with lids, handles and wheels. They are stackable which will help you to manage the space in your house better. You can also get special dollies and barrows for easy moving.

Another advantage of using a storage box with a lid for moving clothes, electronics, DVD's, CD's, books, glassware, cutlery, ornaments, documents and other personal belongings is its durability. Whether small or large the plastic storage boxes are very hard to be damaged which consequently means better protection for your goods.

Because plastic boxes can be used for years for different purposes there are a cheaper solution than using storage boxes made of corroborated cardboard.

There are many different types and sizes of storage boxes - you can get square, rectangular, round, flat and any other shapes you need. Storage boxes can be also used for decorative purposes. However mainly they are a great solution for a long term storage.

Another good thing is that you can find many special offers online and get cheap storage boxes from the Internet. There are also many shops in London offering different types and sizes of plastic boxes with lids and wheels.

Your other confusions will diminish by below provided plastic boxes FAQ.

What a variety of services and products do you give?

Small plastic storage boxesWe work to provide eco-friendly and reusable plastic boxes. These plastic boxes are considered the best for moving stuff, household items, like crockery, foodstuffs and other things. 

Additionally, you can use these small or large plastic boxes to move your college stuff if your college is moving to a new location. These plastic boxes are eco-friendly because they save the life of many trees every year. Some years ago, people were using cardboard boxes to move. Just to prepare those cardboard boxes 122 million trees were cut every year only in America.

So you can estimate the number of trees getting cut in the whole world. Cheap Plastic boxes are reusable, and these can be used more than ten times for running. We offer these boxes on rent to move things. Storage boxes are used by all removal companies for moving files, stationery, computers and personal effects.

Which size’s boxes you can provide on rent?

We are providing you plastic boxes of two different sizes. These boxes are prepared by using hard-wearing plastic, and our whole boxes are capable of bearing a lot of weight while moving. For your needs, you will get boxes of 27X17X12 (L x W x H in inches); these boxes are considered of medium size and shape. These boxes with lids are great to move some medium size’s luggage of your home, office and college. If you need plastic boxes of larger size, then you can have 28x20x15inches' storage boxes, which are sturdy and large. I am sure you will get boxes of required size in which you can keep valuable materials of your home for safe and secure moving. Plastic boxes are not that popular among small man and van firms. They usually use cardboard crates.

In which areas you are providing plastic boxes rental services?

We are offering our services in almost regions of the Greater London. For sure you can contact us to have plastic boxes to hire in Wimbledon, East Central or West Central London. We can collect or deliver plastic storage boxes from South East, South West, West, South, North, North West and East London. You can contact us anytime for our plastic boxes hire services. You will have to mention the size of boxes you want for moving your luggage. According to the number of required boxes you can get our services.

Will you provide your services, if I will move to any other city from London?

For sure we will offer you our services, whether you are looking at removals London or at any other city - Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Bristol, Sheffield, Liverpool, Preston, Cardiff, Derby, Leicester, Shrewsbury and more. The extra costs will be included if you have to move your stuff to any other location from London. This is according to our service system, and you can take our heavy duty storage boxes hire services according to this policy.

Do you have any hidden charges for hiring a storage box?

We believe in providing fully transparent services to our customers. There are no hidden costs in our service. Whatever we need, we explain you before renting the plastic boxes. If you are comfortable with the applied costs, then you can reach us for our services. We also have large and small plastic storage boxes with lids for sale in London. Our prices are very competitive.

You provided reusable plastic boxes, are they clean?

Moving storage boxes with lidsWe always provide fully cleaned storage boxes for moving personal belonging, books, CD's and documents.

Of course, we keep reusable moving plastic storage boxes because it saves trees of our plate. Whenever you will need our service, you will get fully cleaned and washed boxes in which you can move your household things.

For example, you can feel safe in moving fruits, foodstuffs and other eatable materials.

So there is no question about getting impure plastic boxes for moving your household things and office materials.

How you deliver and pick small and large storage boxes?

As you will reach us for having heavy duty plastic boxes for hire, we will place your order. You will need to mention the date of delivery of boxes. You will have to provide the size and number of boxes you need. Once you are done, we will reach you for delivery of boxes and then our staff will provide them. After completing the moving process you can contact us, and our team will come to you and pick boxes back. It is very simple and for sure it will reduce your stress of moving stuff.

Do you charge extra money for delivery and packing of plastic storage boxes?

Depends on where you are located there will be no charge to the delivery or you will have to pay for the bringing the boxes to you. You will pay the amount only for renting the boxes. Once you are done with the packing, our team will come and pick the boxes. There are no additional charges applied, and whatever charges we cost, you can check while taking our services. We also offer the removals of storage boxes in London and can get them for you from one place to the other. Unfortunately there will be additional costs involved. however you will be informed as soon as you contact us about the charges and services we provide.

Can you deliver removal storage boxes in my absence?

It can happen, but conditions are applied. If you reside in a secure area or in an apartment, where we can leave the plastic storage boxes with lids in a safe hands of guards or any other person, so we can provide boxes in your absence as well. Otherwise, there is no chance of delivering the plastic crates in your absence. So beware of these things for having boxes safely in your hands.

Will I be priced for delivery and pickup?

Depends to the services requested you will be charged or you will be not. For example if you need to hire storage boxes with wheels just for a few days for moving garden plants and pots it will be not cost effective for us to bring the boxes to you for free. However the delivery costs are very cheap. In home transfer pick-ups; elevator helps to shift the luggage. Ground floor hall or hallway delivery and pickup of storage boxes are covered for walk-ups. If one has a walk up and would like us to give or take the boxes inside your rooms, there is an additional charge.  We can provide pick up or delivery within 25 miles outward of our service area for an extra. If you require to hire the plastic storage boxes for a long time depending on the amount of crates you need there will be a charge for the delivery and pick-up or not. Your packages include pick-up and transfer to the ground floor for walk-ups.

What if I live in a six-storied building?

Cheap storage boxesThere is no charge to transfer or pick up the storage boxes from the ground floor. If you have a walk-up, they can be transferred or picked up led upstairs inside your home for an additional charge.

If you would like to take the boxes upstairs at your delivery area AND downstairs at yours pick up spot, the additional charge will apply. Use this choice for walk-ups above the ground floor.

Again there is no cost for delivery to the ground floor. When you load the boxes please remember not to overload them especially if you live on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor and there is no lift in the building. You can check our packing tips for moving for more details.

Do I have to be nearby when you deliver and pick up the cases?

Always there have to be someone to let us in and sign off the collection note. We can tell you within an hour of our arrival. Or if your society allows, we can move the boxes with your doorman and pull them up with the help of your security guard if you have one.

What results if I keep the boxes longer than two-weeks?

If you want to, you can. The weekly storage box hire costs is about £1 depending on the the duration of the storage. But we want them back… if you need them longer than one month, we can customize a long-term quote for you – just ask us. We offer better plastic box hire costs for long term storing.

What if I want to hire the storage boxes for less than two weeks?

No problem. Just let us understand the date and time that is convenient for you and we will pick up the hired storage boxes..

My movers are packing for me. Can I still use plastic boxes for storage?

Absolutely. In fact, having your movers pack using boxes will save your money. Since movers bill by the hour it will be much affordable for you because the movers will not have to waste time constructing cardboard boxes. They also won’t credit you for the cardboard boxes since you will be using plastic boxes instead.

How quickly are the plastic boxes delivered at my doorstep?

Depending on availability, boxes can be at your gateway within 24-48 hours. Sometimes we can offer the same day delivery.

What if I want more storage boxes to move?

Simply place a different order on our website.  We can connect the pickup date and time so that both forms can be picked up at once.

Which areas do you currently service?

We serve in the UK with pick-up and distribution in all Greater London. You can hire plastic storage boxes with lids South West London, Central, West, North West and in any other Greater London areas.

Heavy duty storage boxes RemovalsWhat if I am moving out of your assistance area?

There will be an overcharge of $50 for pick-up within a limit of 25 miles of our service area.  We do not pickup aside 25 miles of our service area for free. However we offer London storage boxes removals. You can also buy plastic boxes from us. If you are outside of London we can get them delivered to you by cheap courier companies London. This is the same if you had ordered storage boxes online from an Internet shop.

What if I am moving from outer service stretch into your service region?

Basically we can charge any type of job. We take into the account the distance and the time needed to fulfil your requirements. So whether you need removals of storage boxes from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester, Warrington, Bristol, Manchester, Lincoln to London we can help.

Moving is variable. What’s the best way to get in contact with the movers if I have a deviation or delay in my transit?

We understand how stressful and variable moving can be – just email us or call us, and we will do our best to provide you service.

Is there a reversal fee if I decide I don’t need the help?

As long as you cancel the transfer within 24 hours there is no reversal fee – you will receive a full return.

How else are you contributing back to the environment?

Some plastic storage boxes companies in London donate 10% of its earnings to environmentally friendly events.

Help with storage boxes removals?

Box does not transfer your material, but you can get a fast moving quote from 5 reputable moving organizations and schedule your move date and time. Why are the heavy duty plastic boxes a reliable option than cardboard packing boxes?

Reusable storage boxes with wheels

Our reusable plastic boxes are nestable and stackable with fastened lids. They are stronger than cardboard, easier to move around with grip handles, climate proof, and won’t tear or fall apart. Small or large plastic storage Boxes are distributed clean and disinfected to your prevailing address and conveniently lifted up from your fresh location. With cardboard boxes you have to lift them up, seal them tightly (with tape), set them (more tape), and then split them down again (cut through the tape). They can also carry dust and roaches, bugs).

Plastic storage boxes are better for the setting

Cheap plastic boxesPlastic boxes can be reused number of times as against 2 or 3 uses with standard boxes. Cardboard that is not reused makes up almost 10% of all metropolitan landfills. Americans could protect 122 million trees, 441 million tons of oil and 65 million cubic patches of landfill EACH YEAR if they used synthetic instead of new cardboard boxes for their household moves.

Why is re-utilizing a plastic box a better alternative than recycling a cardboard one?

Reusing a cardboard box still uses almost 75% of the energy required to create a brand new box.  Recycling is great, but reusing is much better. Plastic storage boxes can be delivered to your home for free as long as you get them from Removals Twickenham.

Can’t I just go about and gather free cardboard boxes?

Of course, yes you can – this is an excellent option to buying new cardboard boxes. But it is a big hassle. We deliver cheap plastic storage boxes in London to your gate and pick-up when you have finished your move. Estimating the rate and trouble involved and the risk of insects or bed bugs, “free” has a high cost and can considerably supplement to your moving pressure.

Buy cheap large plastic storage boxes online today!