Corrugated Cardboard boxes, sheets, rolls and packaging

Different Type of Corrugated Cardboard

If you are working in the packing and moving industry, you will definitely know much about corrugated cardboard because it is widely used by this industry.

There is the tendency for people who do not know anything about corrugated cardboard to think that it has only one type. This is not actually the case.

There are several types of this type of packing materials.  Before looking at the types of corrugated cardboard, it will be good to know what it is.

Corrugated cardboard is mainly used for manufacturing boxes, cardboard sheets and roll. Cardboard packaging is also very widely used by people planning a removals. We offer different types of corrugated cardboard sheets, roll and boxes for sale in London. If you would like to purchase some cardboard we have it available in different formats.

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a general name for all types of cardboard with corrugations which can be glued on one or both sides of the cardboard. All heavy-duty paper with corrugation comes under this generic name, corrugated cardboard. These types of cardboards are made by gumming a flat paper sheet on a corrugated paper sheet. Some of the typical examples of corrugated cardboard are paperboard, card stock, fibreboard, corrugated roll and others.

Different types of corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard as it has been said above has a number of types depending on the type of corrugation they have as well as on their quality. Here are some types of corrugated cardboard.

  • Single face board

This type of corrugated cardboard is not costly to produce. It also offers additional protection to the items packaged inside it. However, the problem with this type of corrugated cardboard is that it does not last longer like other types of cardboard with corrugation. It is suitable for people on budget because of its low cost.

  • Single wall board

Different types of corrugated cardboardThis is a type of corrugated board produced by gumming 2 paper sheets known as the liners to a fluting which is the corrugated inner medium. These various layers are perfectly organised and arranged to obtain a strong structure. Given the strong structure, this type of paper can support big weights. The board also has better air circulation in the flutes providing better insulation. This helps to reduce the effect of temperature change. This is the most popular type of corrugated cardboard. It is available also in a number of types. Here are some of the types of single wall board.

  • C-Flute

It is very versatile and this is why it is the most widely used type of single wall cardboard. It can be used for packing and shipping purposes. The surface is also smooth for printing and thus it can be printed on. The flute has a thickness of 3-16th of one inch. Though it may hard to fold this type of corrugated board especially in the direction of the flute, but still most users are always successful in doing that.

  • B-Flute

It is not as thick as the C-flute type of corrugated paper. It can be used to produce small cardboard boxes for the packing of smaller items and products. It can be easily folded into complex shapes and it can easily be printed on. This type of corrugated board is commonly seen for cardboard cut-outs and Point-Of-Purchase displays.

  • E-flute

It has a very thin thickness making it easy to be folded. It is perfect for printing. It can be used to package smaller boxes like pizza box.

  • F-flute

F-flute has a thickness of 1/16th of one inch is a micro corrugated board. It can be used for packing of shoeboxes and other specialty packaging. It can be used to wrap small waste material to be disposed in the landfill.

  • R-flute

It is produced as an alternative to B-flute. It is newer in the market than other types of single wall board. Its closer fluting makes it the most suitable for printing.

  • What is corrugated cardboard and pricesDouble wall board

This type of corrugated cardboard comes with a better shock resistance when it is fully loaded and stacked. It is most suitable for bigger industrial containers.

Double wall cardboard boxes are a perfect choice for packing when moving house. They are very strong and can hold weight up to 50kg. However for a health and safety reasons you should not load more than 25kg.

3 walled corrugated cardboard

This is also known as triple wall board. It has a very thick layer because of the 3 walls. It is as strong as a wooden crate.

Boxes made with this type of corrugated cardboard can be used as alternative for wooden crates. Traditionally, it is the ideal type of box for shipping of chemical containers.

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Corrugated cardboard boxes prices

The price of a corrugated cardboard box will depend on its size, thickness and the type of cardboard. Below we have provide a number of prices found in online London shops selling corrugated boxes, roll and sheets.

Prices - Corrugated cardboard 3D
Size Colour Price for 10 seets
500*700 mm All colours but gold and silver £11.00
500*700 mm Gold and silver £13.00
250*350 mm All colours but gold and silver £3.60
250*350 mm Gold and silver £4.94


Price list - 3 walled corrugated cardboard prices per roll - Ceny. Minimum order 500 metres :
Wave type Colour Gram/m2 Cena detaliczna netto/m2
C Grey 350 £0.214
C Grey 355 £0.218
C Grey 390 £0.231
C Grey 405 £0.264
C Grey 420 £0.310
C Grey 430 £0.390
C Grey 450 £0.402
C Grey 465 £0.419
C Grey 485 £0.443
C Grey 520 £0.460
C Grey 540 £0.463
B Grey 340 £0.211
B Grey 345 £0.220
B Grey 395 £0.281
B Grey 410 £0.299
B Grey 420 £0.312
B Grey 455 £0.370
B Grey 470 £0.404
B Grey 505 £0.490
B Grey 525 £0.540
E Grey 285 £0.190
E Grey 320 £0.205
E Grey 340 £0.211
E Grey 385 £0.234