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Moving a pool table

The removal of very large equipment is always a subject of concern when moving a house. This is because of the size and the fact that they are prone to damage if they are not properly handled during the removal process. This same thing is applicable to the removal of pool tables. 

The pool tables are always very large and they are also delicate by nature, so the risks of moving a pool table may be a double of what you get with other non-delicate and small items. As much as many people can move many things personally including the pool table, the professional pool table movers advice is that the risk is too much.

Therefore, the pool table removals should be carried out by a moving company. They have the technicalities and the appropriate tools to dismantle and move these tables to their destinations.

Before you move a pool table, you have to know the terms involved with the table and the name of the parts before you start the work. This is to insure that you understand how to handle each component part. The padded wall of the surface of the table is called the rail. 

The surface where the game is played in the pool table is named the slate because it is made of slates. In most cases, the tables are made of more than one slate especially the ones meant for private use, while those found in bars and other public places normally come with one slate.

As a professional pool table mover we offer both UK moves and international shipping. Literally we can deliver you pool table to anywhere in London, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and the UK. We can also arrange the pool table shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa or conduct a pool table removals to France, Spain, Germany and anywhere you want.

We can lift and safely relocate different types of pool tables of any dimensions: 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 9ft, 12ft. We have moved billiard, snooker, Brunswick, Riley, Harvard, Dufferin, Olhausen, Mizerak, small, large and many more.

Pool table removals

If you will be doing the relocation of your pool table on your own, you have to start the preparations by getting some people that will help you to carry out the move. You cannot carry the table alone, so you will need some hands to help you do this. Another thing is that you have to transport the table vertically with extra caution to avoid damaging or the scratching of the walls and doorways.

However, you have to know that the best possible way for you to move the pool table is by disassembling it. It is always easier, safer and lighter to move the separate pieces than the whole table.  The slate is a component that is held to the cabinet by screws, and when you move the table as a whole, you run the risk of cracking the plate. 

However, when you want to disassemble the pool table, you have to be very careful, so that you will do this in a way that it will be very easy for you to re-assemble. Another thing you have to note is that the small pieces must be stored along with the screws in a small compact bag. Make sure you label these properly to avoid misplacing and for easy identification. The rails should be removed first, followed by the slate and others. If you need some help you can contact our professional London based pool table removals. We can dismantle and resemble you table and move it a reasonable price. Contact us today to obtain and compare pool table moving costs.

How to Disassemble the Pool Table?

The first step to disassembling the pool table is by removing the staples. You have to do this from underneath the pockets. This is a process that will get you dirty, so you can change your cloths and get down for this. The flathead screwdriver or staple remover is the best tool for this. You also need to protect your eyes with some eye protective device.

After this, you have to move towards the unscrewing of the bolts that are holding the rail. There are bolts that are holding the side rails. They are the next things to be removed after the pockets. Remove the bolts and bring out each rail. It’s that simple.

When you are through with the removal of the rails, the next thing that will follow is the taking off of the felt.  You can do this or remove the hard rock layer placed beneath the felt. This may seem a bit difficult because of the fact that the felt may have been glued or even stapled to the slate.  When you look at it, you know how it was fastened and how you can remove it. If it is glued, then you can go ahead and peel it off. However, you have to be very careful when you are doing this.

Pool table relocation servicesAfter this, you have to go ahead to remove the slate. This is actually the next thing to do if you must get it right. This is the most critical aspect because we can actually say that the plate in question is what makes the pool table because this is what determines the integrity of the billiards game played on it. For more details on pool table relocation services, advice, tips and help you can contact our office. If you want to move your pool table without problems, you should hire removal companies in Southwark. They know how to do it safely.

This is so because the slate needs to be rock solid and also smooth on the surface. If this is tampered, the outcome of the game is also tampered. You would have noticed whether the slate is one, two or three when you removed the felt. This will determine how you will remove the slate. Carefully pull the screws from the slate and remove them one after the other.

When you are through with the removal of the slate, you have to go ahead with the removal of the legs. After removing the heavy plates, the weight will be off the table and it will be easy for you to just unscrew and remove the legs. When you are through with these, pack the different pieces and parts of the body together and organize them properly in the moving van and start the trip.

Why Removal Firms Are the Best for Pool Table relocation

There are many reasons why expert removal firms are recommended to you as the best means to use in moving your pool table. You may lay claim to the ability to move other properties by yourself. You may even lay claim to the ability to move some smaller or less critical and fragile tables, but the pool table have many things that makes it different. The removal firms come with the prerequisite skills for the transportation of huge and expansive furniture. There have been cases where people sustained injuries during pool table removals or the table gets damaged. This is down to lack of the technical knowledge. However, the removal firms undergo heavy trainings to get the required know how and they also get accredited by the appropriate bodies before they can engage in such removals. For systems that have moved thousands of such tables, you can never do it better than them.

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