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The fact is that London entertains the highest number of students more than any other city in the world. It is true that it has a huge number of schools that is concentrated in one city which makes the student life in London booming every day and night.

But what we are left to know is whether these students who are moving to London to get academic training enjoy their university student life?.

One of my friends who did his Master's Degree Program in here called me on the phone and we were catching up on many things.

He did not hesitate to tell me that I needed to come to London for my further studies as the city is actually the best place one can possibly study with even greater student life. When he said this, I asked him to tell me exactly what it looks like to be a student in one of the numerous universities in London and went on

Now, he asked me whether I know that students who graduate from universities get special consideration from the employers all over the world. I answered in the affirmative and he told me that this is exactly how good it can get if I have a degree from London. The name of the city and its pedigree as an educational hub has made it that company executives from other countries of the world are ready to employ you immediately you mention that you got your education from any of the universities in here.

Moving away from this, I asked him about the cost of living and studying and he told me that tuition fees and other student life costs are the same with other cities, but the cost of living is highest in the capital of the UK than any other city in the UK. But before I could shout in surprise, he also told me about the extra student loan on offer for students who live and study in here. However, he also stated that even at that, it may still seem expensive. But that is exactly where it ends, as many other things students do in the city are very affordable.

The only thing you need to do is to keep your ears to the ground, associate well with other students and keep yourself informed. With this, you will notice that London is the city of discounts and best university student life in the world. There are thousands of such discounts on many products and stalls, and you need to ask and get these. The student night life London discount is witnessed in almost all night clubs, and students get huge discounts to partake. In other areas, you also enjoy discounts meant for students alone. If you are amongst those that enjoy night outs, you may not pay a dime for a whole night's pleasure.

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Student life in London gets easier when you discover the fact that you do not have to lazy around calling yourself a student. You can also make some dough while at it. Yes, there are many part time jobs scattered in the streets of London as the capital city and one of the most developed, and students are offered these part time jobs with good pay. You can easily get yourself fixed in one of these. There are also plenty of student life centres in London that provide many information about things to do, events, cheap student accommodation and job offers.

When it comes to transportation, this is one of those things that makes the London student life easy. Yes, this is because the transport is so affordable that you will never have a second thought whenever you are considering visiting any place. The good thing here is that the road network is very massive and the density of the city is one that you can comfortably trek to where you want to go within few minutes. However, if you must ride, your student oyster photo card as a student resident in London will reduce the cost to the barest minimum. The 24 hour buses are also here, and this means that the after school night life does not cost you a dime in terms of transportation.

University lifeAlso when you want to move from one place to another there are plenty of removal companies London that will help you relocate your goods at discounted rates.

Now, I am writing from the point of view of a response from a foreigner who came to study in London from a foreign country. But one thing that is noticeable is that even many of the people who were born and bred in here do not move out from their hometown to get their university degrees.

Many people complain that they will feel bad for not moving away from home, as this is one of the greatest happiness when you are moving to the university. However, I noticed something.

The diversity of student life and cultural differences experienced in London and the fact that they will be meeting people of different backgrounds and forming relationships with them makes them to forget the fact that they are not moving away from home. One of the things I enjoyed most is the diversity of the student life in London. Yes, you will get people of different colours, tribes, religion, orientation, culture, tradition and what have you. This is a city where you will always feel at home, as no culture tries to lord it over the other.

Another good thing you will enjoy here is the location of all the things that make London students life vibrant. The food markets, bars, night areas, library, free museums, shopping malls and all others are located in the centre of the city. They are very close to many of the universities and student life areas, and they are also close to each other, so that you can easily walk from one to the other.

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Now, if you are amongst those that like universities situated along the suburbs, you will also enjoy it here as some of the universities are located at the outskirts of the city. If you are amongst those who live in the city and want to move away from home, you have these for you. There are many student life blogs online that you can follow to see which areas are best for you to move to.

The connection that London offers to students is next to nothing. Yes, with the biggest firms in the world located in the city, before you complete your course, you would have had encounters like interview trainings, networking events, internship, interactions and even personal experiences with executives and some staff of these huge firms. In many cases the student life in London helps students start their professional carrier. If you plan to study in London you can use our removals Bexley to help you with your move to your campus.

You have many publishers, media firms, and even the world famous HSBC bank located here. Apart from these personal experiences, some other reasons living in London include the fact that it has been ranked the second best student life city across the globe. After London, the next city that makes the cut in the UK is Manchester, and it stands at a distant 29th. This is to tell you why you should be here.

Student life blogNow, many other students who come to the UK come to London due to its reach day and night student life.

The issue is that when you are here, you meet other students and people who share the same goals, dreams and ambitions with you. This helps you to grow in no small measure.

The connection you build with them also insures that you will be amongst the world leaders in the future. If you need a moving service please contact our student removals.

Apart from the numerous part time jobs that are scattered here for students, London has many full time job opportunities for people who graduate one of its schools. If you start your student life in London, you must have met and developed some relationships with some firms during the course of your research and study, and the result of this is that you will have easy employment when you are through.

However, there are some downsides to it. One of them is the fact that it is actually a costly city to live and study in when you compare student life in London to other cities in the UK and those in other countries. Perhaps the most intriguing is the loneliness you may experience during the course of studies, because it may be difficult for you to find student friends. This is because universities here do not have campuses. The faculty buildings and their halls of residences are scattered across the city. So, you may find it difficult to connect with people outside your faculty.

For more advice, information and tips on London student life you can follow many online blogs, groups and government founded bodies.