Reasons to study in London

I wan to to study in London

London is obviously described as the best place one can undergo any form of academic training. The fact is that a consideration of people's choice for academic destinations on the international level will show London as the number one.

Whenever you are looking to study abroad and garner academic qualifications from the world's most renowned academic institutions, your first city of consideration should be London.  The statistics has shown that London plays host to more than 100,000 students studying in several universities in the city every year. 

This comprises of international students that are coming for studies in London from more than 200 other foreign countries across the globe. If all these people are running to London to study, it simply means that there is academic excellence entrenched in these academic institutions in London.

Because of this, you are advised not to waste that opportunity you have and come straight to London to get your academic qualifications. However, there are many reasons why London is the best place for you to study at the moment. If you are planning to come here we provide great student removals at affordable rates.

Academic support

To boost whatever you are engaged in the academic field, the city offers great academic support to all students. This ranges from the libraries and other incentives. The city actually has up to 120 libraries and these together harbour more than 150 million pieces of books of various subjects which makes studying in London easier. It does not end here as it welcomes innovation. Because of the desire to develop along with the trends and also keep the students up and running in the global education competition, more than 3 million books are added to this pool every year.

Research intensive exploits

London does not only offer schools and universities, it offers qualitative and innovative institutions and education. This can be attested to by the fact that all their universities and institutions are research intensive. This is the reason why research has raked in more than £500 million for the city in recent times. The fact is that students and staff of these universities have come up with research results and inventions that have helped in making the world better. Their discoveries have actually helped our world. Maybe, you do not know that the concepts of DNA, finger prints and even penicillin all came from best London universities.

Universities of world class standard

Choosing London for your study gives you a lot of flexibility. The number of universities in the city is over 40. These include both the specialist institutions and universities of multiple faculties. They offer education with the best of facilities you can ever find  in the world, and this comes with cutting edge research works that will at the end of it all offer world class and globally recognized certificates and qualifications. Most of the universities known as the best in the world are located here, and 4 even made the list of the Times Higher education's top 40 universities of the world.

Great choice of courses

Studying in LondonOne of the reasons people of different nationalities troop into London to get their academics is because of the choice of course. There are actually some courses that can be gotten here which may not be available in other universities in other countries. They offer great courses like business, engineering, marketing, law, accounting, zoology, politics, medicine and many more. These courses are all offered on the 3 year undergraduate schemes and 1 year post graduate schemes, and you can choose any of these depending on your wish and prior qualifications. Another thing that makes schooling here a great adventure is that you can also choose work placements and internship while you study.

The cost of living

This is actually one of the first reasons why you need to come and study here if you wish to get academic qualifications abroad. When you are studying in London, you make lots of expenses as it concerns housing, feeding and many other things. These are well regulated in London so that they are very affordable to students. Other things you will enjoy here when you live and study in London includes the culture. If you are looking for a culture that will enrich your experience as a student, then you need to come here. With London as a city having more than 1000 paid and free entry museums and galleries and coupled with the fact that most of these are free, you will have an awesome student experience. All those things that will keep you going when the academic demands are weighing you down are scattered in this city in great numbers. There are 100 cinemas, 350 live music centres, 7000 bars, 5000 restaurants and 100 parks only in London. You will never be bored here. There are also cheap accommodation options for students available which is a great reason to study in London. If you are looking for companies offering furniture removals Southwark, you can use our website to get free quotes for your relocation.

Diverse choice of courses

One top reason and a good thing about studying in London universities is the fact that you will get whatever you want. There are universities that are also good and located in great nations across the globe, but these are restricted to and by many things. The good thing with London universities is that you will not experience any form of restrictions. Here, you will get almost every course you intend to study. Even if you want to get a course in furniture works, Hindu or Islamic religion, they are all offered by different universities across the city. The issue is that any course that is offered on the globe will always find some universities offering it in the city of London.

Affordable tuition

I want to studyThis is another area that brings many people to come and study here, and you can also take advantage of same.

The tuition fees that are paid in universities across the globe especially by international students have overtime been a stumbling block to many people who will like to study in institutions outside their countries, especially in those institutions that offer courses that are not offered in their country.

But, the high tuition fees have always been the hindrance. This is not the case with London. The tuition fees are very affordable and can be paid by people of all types of income.

I want to study in London! Many young people say that to their parents. There are many work opportunities for students in London too. So if you can not afford studying in the biggest UK city you will be able to find a work to support your monthly budget. You can be studying nursing, law, film, English course, acca, psychology, fashion, medicine, photography and many more other courses.

Great payment arrangements

Another great reason to come and study here is because of the tuition payment arrangements. It is designed in such a flexible manner that you can pay in instalments. It is not the case where you have to pay everything in your country even before you move to the university. No, the tuition is divided into small equal parts which you can pay at your convenience, though within some given timeframe. In some cases, you will even be allowed to seek for scholarships that exist in London. When you are successful, you are offered the education free of charge. There are many affordable universities in Twickenham and other London boroughs.

Ease of travel

One other thing that hinders people from moving abroad to get education is the issue of strict immigration laws and demand. This has denied many prospective students visas to different countries where they are supposed to move and study. This is one bottleneck that London has overcome. The immigration laws are relaxed for students in such a way that you won't have to undergo so much stress before you get a student's visa to come and study here. These are reason why many people have been coming to live and study here. You can also enjoy this privilege and make use of the golden opportunity to upgrade yourself academically. London welcomes everybody to its shores.