How to pack kitchen for moving?

Kitchen removals tips

Packing kitchen for moving, all its equipment and contents seems very difficult to some people. Yes, this is so because there are many appliances to pack in your kitchen which are very fragile and of different sizes and shapes.

Most of them are different from each other and will need you to pack them differently with different techniques, using different boxes and packing materials.

But it will become very difficult for you only when you do not know the techniques that should be used for packing kitchen items for moving.

In view of this, we are going to take you through the best techniques with which you can pack all your kitchen equipment. Once you have read our how to pack kitchen tips you will find the kitchen removals very easy.

Moving Kitchen Appliances

This is actually the first set of equipment you have to pack when planning to move kitchen. You have to start by packing your kitchen appliances like your microwave, electric boiler and many other things that are electric. For these, you will need packing boxes. This may be small or medium sized depending on the sizes of the appliances you want to pack. You will also need, a tape, a newsprint paper, some packing peanuts for safer moving kitchen items and then a bubble wrap, though the latter is completely optional depending on how safe you want your appliances to be.

When you have all these, then you can start the job of packing kitchen for moving. Just clean and dry the appliance. When it is dry, disassemble it. However, when you are disassembling, you must insure that the instructions for assembling same is written and pasted on the appliance to avoid having a very hard time doing this when you get to your destination. Tape the bottom of the box to get it ready. When you are through with this, you can now pad the bottom of the box with the newsprint or peanuts.

Relocating kitchen itemsPlace the appliance on the newsprint or the peanut after this, wrap the whole of the appliance with the paper and then seal the entire appliance and paper with the tape.

The next thing to do is to wrap all the removable accessories that you brought out from the body of the appliance and make sure the glass accessories are also wrapped with paper or bubble wrap.

You can now place both the appliance and accessory in the box. For more tips on kitchen removals and packing please contact our office.

However, you can pack more appliances in the space in the box. If not, go ahead and pack your utensils and pans albeit the sturdy ones. Any way it goes, make sure you fill up the empty spaces. If there are no other appliances or equipment to do this, you can fill up with the crumpled papers or packing peanuts. When you are through with this, you can now tape the box and label it.


Plates are actually one of the most obvious things that you will pack when you are packing your kitchen for relocation, and in most cases, they come in very large numbers. Our how to pack kitchen for moving guide describes very clearly how to take care of this type of items. Because of this, you have to be careful when you are packing your plates especially if they are glass or enamel plates.  Your kitchen removal companies London should provide you with the plate cell packing kits. This is supposed to have the instructions and directives on how to do this effectively. However, when this is not available, you can still go ahead and pack your plates by using the basic plate packing tips.

You will need the boxes either small or medium depending on the quantity of plates you want to pack. You will also need other supplies like burble wraps, tape, newsprint paper, and in some cases, some packing peanuts. You have to start by taping your box a round. You can do this double or even triple so as to insure that it is strong enough. After this, you can now go ahead to line the whole sides of the box including its bottom with the bubble wrap. While doing this, remain the bubble wrap that will be used to cover the top of the plates when you must have finished packing.

Place some good amounts of newsprint on the surface of the box and place the first plate at the centre of the box, cover the plate with a piece of bubble wrap, place another plate on top of the bubble wrap, cover it with another bubble wrap and continue this until you have packed three plates. When you have three, wrap this with the newsprint and seal the set of three plates with tape. When you have done this, place the plates on their side inside the box.

The truth is that plates are safer when placed on their side than when you place them flat. You should take this piece of how to pack kitchen for moving suggestion seriously. Continue this routine until you have packed all your plates. Make sure your box is tightly packed, and fill all empty spaces with the newsprint and peanuts. After this, you have to tape the box and label it FRAGILE at the top and side. However, you have to indicate the top and bottom of the box with a big arrow or any system that will be understood easily. Follow our plate packing tips for a safe kitchen removals.

Pots and Pans

When you want to move a kitchen you can not forget about the pots and pans. Here, you will need some large boxes, newsprint, packing peanuts or a shredded paper for padding, and the almighty tape. When you have these, you can now move into action. Prepare the box by taping the bottom as usual. Pad the bottom of the box with your preferred padding option. You have to make it about 2 inches. You have to pack the pots by nesting the smaller ones inside the big ones. Just get the largest box, put newsprint in the opening, nest smaller pot inside the big ones and with the smaller pot, push down the newsprint.

With this process, you have to nest down other boxes. When you have done this, place the set of nested boxes on very large newsprint, bring up the corners of the newsprint to cover the sides of the box and then tape all together. Put the taped set in the box and do same for others till the box is filled up. Fill the extra spaces with your chopping boards and other cooking utensils held together with a rubber band. When you are through, you can tape the box and label it KITCHEN. If you need more tips on how to pack kitchen items for moving you can contact our Brent removals partners.

Glasses and Stemware

This is actually one of the most difficult to pack when relocating kitchen contents. This is simply because of the fragile nature. So, in packing these, you have to be very careful.  You will need packing papers, tissue papers, packing tapes, cell boxes or dish packs and any other thing you deem necessary.  Wrap the stem of the stemware with good amount of tissue paper. After this, you can now wrap each glass with some amount of tissue paper albeit in a loose manner. Stuff the inside of the bulb with light tissue paper to reinforce the sides of the glass. After this, wrap the glass with kitchen packing paper and place in separate cells on their bases. Pack all empty spaces in each cell with tissue paper. When the box is fully packed, use tissue paper to safeguard the box lightly. Don't do this too much to avoid pressure on these. Close the box and insure that the packed objects are not shaking. If this is the case, you have to add more padding, if not, move on to close the box, tape it and label FRAGILE. We have a few more tips for moving kitchen.


Packing kitchen for movingWine can be expensive and makes a lot of mess the the bottler breaks during the transport.

So as you can imagine packing the wine is the next point on our how to pack kitchen for moving advice list. In some cases, your wine collection may be part of your kitchen and you may want to move it while moving other kitchen effects.

If this is the case, you have to get your cell boxes, bubble wrap or newsprint, packing peanuts and finally the tape.

Now, you have to start by packing your already opened bottles. In this case, you have to be dead sure that these are closed and tightened properly. When you have done this, place the bottles in a diagonal shape on the newsprint or bubble wrap.

You have to roll the bottle on the spread sheet and roll the excess on the sides of the bottle. After this, wrap up the bottle with the tape and secure all the loose ends of the bottle and paper. When you are through with the bottles, cover the bottom of the box with cardboard, crumbled paper or the peanuts, place the bottles inside the box and pad the top of the cell box to safety. Tape this properly and label it FRAGILE.

If you are moving temperature controlled wines at 55F, you have to do this with the moving vans that are climate controlled. However, you can also pack this in a cooler with some amount of ice inside. If you are moving large amounts of wine, you may need some licenses and permits from the right quarters. You also need to comply with all the regulations in your area. For small moves you can contact cheap man and van London.

Food Items

When you are moving kitchen, you have to dispose of all food items especially the perishable ones.  All the chemicals used in cleaning the kitchen utensils may not pass the shipping regulations, so you have to use them up.


Kitchen removals also relates to packing cups. You have to wrap the chin cups with tissue paper on individual basis first before you ever put them into the cellular dividers. When you have done this, you have to protect the handles with extra amount of padding or tissue paper. When you have done this, pack cups upside down in the dividers. However, if you are not using dividers, you have to double wrap them and place them upside down on rims. Do this in a row and make sure the handles are facing the same direction, and then cover with newsprint.


You have to protect this from tarnishing when you transport, and you can do this by wrapping them with newsprint or even the plastic wrap method.

Moving Other Items from the kitchen

Wrap and pack all the other things like the tea sets, bowls and serving dishes. Wrap all kitchen items in a fragile manner. Your clocks and small goods like radios should be disconnected, wrapped properly and packed in boxes cushioned with padding materials. Your cookbooks should be packed in small cartons for books. For more advice and tips on how to pack kitchen for moving please telephone us today. Kitchen removals is the service we pay special attention to. When you use our kitchen movers you can be sure that nothing will get broken. We will provide you with a step by step guide on moving kitchen. You will be able to prepare for the kitchen move and pack all its contents like a pro.

Moving kitchen is a good time to get all your kitchen equipment organized. More info you can fin on how to organize kitchen when moving.